Day 11 – Collages and Concept Models

Day 11: Concept Development: A design concept will be derived from the collages and study models that are derived from this exercise. This abstract concept will be implemented into design solutions that will work with your site analysis to develop your site plan, amenities, outdoor spaces, shape of building(s), location and orientation, interior designs, window placement, balconies, roofs….

Part A:  Concept collages – create two collages:

  1. based on the idea of “Community”
  2. based on one of the words that have derived from the recent protests: “Equality, integration, diversity, non-violence”

Part B:Then create 2 concept models (raw study models for each of these                            collages that are made out of found object/materials – recycled) You will have 4 models   – 2 for each collage.

HW: Concept Development Assignment:2 Collages due today and 2 concept Models for each collage (a total of 4 models) due by end of class. Post both on your blog.

Collage examples

Concept Models – Example 1

Concept Models – Example 2