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cris morales opinion essay

Contemporary New York

                When it comes to how New York changes during harsh times, both during and after, it depends on how bad things were and what was effected that brings the change. In my opinion I think that some of the ways we as a city change are ridiculous and very expensive. Its not that there isn’t any reason for it, its just that the sometimes over compensating isn’t necessary. For example the freedom towers that replace the world trade center are great structures and pay condolences to its predecessor, the only problem is that it looks like it cost more than what originally stood there. The idea of rebuilding structures to pay condolences is great, but spending so much money on a building without even having detail to it, any sense of creativity is just a waste.

Comparing the New York Public Library to the Ford Foundation is based on the design and the detail of both buildings respectively. When you see how the structure looks and all the detail on you are able to notice that it’s from a later time than the ford foundation, which doesn’t have the type of detailing as the library does. The library cost approximately $245 million, based on the details of the column and the statues and the pediments it makes sense that it would cost that much. The problem is when you look at the Ford Foundation, which cost $16 million to make, doesn’t have the kind of detail for an expensive building, the main attraction is the atrium that is surrounded by offices, basic architectural knowledge states that glass is cheaper than the material that is used to make walls. If that’s the case then why is the building so expensive if most of it consists of glass? It just seems that things become more expensive as time goes by, when it should be the other way around, if the New York Public Library were to be built in recent times the price to have it built would skyrocket because of all the detail that it has on it. To conclude I believe that just because times are changing that doesn’t mean buildings and their prices should change.


blog #2

On our trip to midtown, i noticed a huge difference in styles of architecture from the late 1800s to the modern era. There is a great change in the small details in the more modern building, mostly none at all. when you see the New York Stock Exchange and the detail, the angels and other figures molded to take form, you see elegance in the building. Opposing it is the Chrysler building, a skyscraper that is basic extrusions piled on top of each other. It is a great site to see but when it comes from the evolution of architecture, the detail that made the Stock Exchange so great to look at. Its just windows and metal. whats so bad about making a few details in different parts of the building to make it resemble the buildings before it? I’m sure that if buildings whole be more detailed then people would appreciate the architecture more.




Its a jungle out there!

Living in New York for twenty-one years, I have seen a large amount of craziness in my days. Growing up in Jamaica, Queens my whole life I noticed the changes in the neighborhood throughout the years. As a child i noticed that the streets were not clean and there was a lot of gang activity going on. i was never allowed to go outside without an adult. It was crazy how i wanted to go outside but couldnt because of who was outside. It wasnt until i was 14 years old when i was allowed to walk outside by myself to go to school. Believe me I was completely terrified of the idea but i did it, and I finally realized what the outside world was like, people walking around, different ethnic groups. It completely amazed me about everything in my neighborhood as i walked on my own. As i grew older i traveled to different boroughs. Boy was i amazed by what i saw, i saw the tall buildings in Manhattan, the trains running outdoors in Brooklyn and the diversity of the streets in the Bronx. i have never been to Staten Island but i assume that it is not as boring as people say it is. the way i see New York is just a large jungle with no hierarchy within the boroughs. as time passed neighborhood have both improved or gotten worse. i dont want to leave New York, but i just wish it werent such a jungle out there!