Its a jungle out there!

Living in New York for twenty-one years, I have seen a large amount of craziness in my days. Growing up in Jamaica, Queens my whole life I noticed the changes in the neighborhood throughout the years. As a child i noticed that the streets were not clean and there was a lot of gang activity going on. i was never allowed to go outside without an adult. It was crazy how i wanted to go outside but couldnt because of who was outside. It wasnt until i was 14 years old when i was allowed to walk outside by myself to go to school. Believe me I was completely terrified of the idea but i did it, and I finally realized what the outside world was like, people walking around, different ethnic groups. It completely amazed me about everything in my neighborhood as i walked on my own. As i grew older i traveled to different boroughs. Boy was i amazed by what i saw, i saw the tall buildings in Manhattan, the trains running outdoors in Brooklyn and the diversity of the streets in the Bronx. i have never been to Staten Island but i assume that it is not as boring as people say it is. the way i see New York is just a large jungle with no hierarchy within the boroughs. as time passed neighborhood have both improved or gotten worse. i dont want to leave New York, but i just wish it werent such a jungle out there!

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