Daniel-Lankevich Opinion Essay

In my opinion, Contemporary New York looks like a passionate image. If people spoke out and described New York to others with vivid words and a strong vocabulary, NYC will be noticed. NYC has tons of art and different types of architecture that gives off different feelings for the community. With the knowledge that NYC gives, you need to be prepared and mindful of what is needed to work in a business environment, and to grow as an individual. I expect to get a great education that will get me to my desired career in NYC.
In New York, during the 1980’s, it was a very stressful time. It was a time where filth and rats flourished the streets and crime was an all time high. The economy was worse then its ever been and Edward I. Koch became a savior of New York with his actions. Koch realized that the city faced a future of austerity instead of the growth he had blithely pledged. Recovery was hard with violence roaming the streets. The leading cause of death was AIDS. By Koch’s election, it effected construction for the AT&T Building in 1984 ans was judged a success. Housing units were big weeks on. These apartments just to provide shelter for the homeless and those who were ill. Both jobs and construction boomed. As helped became needed, more work came into play which lead into a full functional and cleaner NYC.

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