My trip to New York City!

What makes New York City so great? I wonder on why people speak so highly of it and some even wish to move here. On our field trip it finally hit me. For me it all revolves around the theater. Tons of great stuff going on in NYC, and it’s so cultural diverse that it is almost like I have seen and done it all. People who live in the city don’t appreciate the architecture as much as others do. When we speak of a building and show a picture off the web, it doesn’t give the same impression that a picture gives. When I walk in manhattan, I focus on the skyscrapers and though it makes me look like a tourist, I appreciate and distinguish certain aspects that everyday people don’t. People need to think back and remember that NYC began careers for many. We invented hip hop, one of the first to use the grid system,one of the largest skyscrapers at that time and have our bars open till 4am! NYC has pretty much anything to eat at any time too! We are the home to music and performing arts. These structures are not just for looks but they display what they have going on inside of them. Such buildings have odd shapes because of what story they tell inside. On the field trip, one building that caught my attention was the NYC public library. What makes this structure so fascinating is that it was creating with no technology we use today and yet it is still standing strong. The tall massive columns are astonishing when standing next to. The pediment is highly detailed. I like this building because this to me is a true definition of architecture and may it forever tell it’s story.

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