Blog # 3 Tenants

Living in NYC in the late 1800s and/or early 1900s it was difficult situation, due to the overcrowding  conditions. tenements where docents of people would live in, in confine spaces. many of these places were unsafe, dirty, unhealthy, and mostly overcrowded.  the working conditions were basically none existent.  This over population of NYC was created because of the rapid industrialization, the creation of jobs in the city went up to levels never seen before. the agricultural system used in America was rapidly being shifted away to a manufacture economy.

An old-law tenement was typically 25 feet wide by 100 feet deep and six stories tall. The lots that were used for a single family units would later on be turn into a 6 story building, or use the single family units to fit at least 20 families. many of these families were Immigrant families that couldn’t afford living in more decent places, but had to share with many other families to survive. they didn’t even have the basic amenities, or a clean bathroom, sanitation was out of the equation, and many started to demand these necessities.  There were no housing regulations, no fire hazard regulations, and working regulations were irrelevant, children would work on machinery that only adult should be working on; many kids would die in this places.

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