Post #4: field trip 2

The field trip we took a few weeks ago was fairly eye opening for me, I used to live in the financial district when I first moved to New York and I never looked at it so in depth. For one thing, I never walked up the steps of Federal Hall, which made a difference. Feeling the sandstone, and standing under a portico for protection from the rain. Looking down on Wall St. made me feel high up, and at the same time it made Wall St. seem small, but I could easily imagine getting people’s attention from there.

As for the Woolworth Building, I used to walk by it all the time but I never looked up, I never paid attention to the ornate details, and I never knew that I was walking by it. I only recognized it from a distance, the green roof on the skyline, which sounds kind of dumb but it’s true.

Another building I never noticed was the Federal Office Building, the one with the monument to the slaves who’s bodies were found when they started excavating. I don’t really know how I missed that but that was very interesting, that a burial ground was was there and that it was discovered so recently. Also interesting was how it was memorialized, the grassy mounds are what made me look first. Since I had fallen back at that point and couldn’t really hear the professor I had thought that they looked like graves; although we don’t bury people like that, the approximate length and width makes you think that the mounds contain dead bodies. I also have an interest in monuments, and whether or not they are successful and I feel like this one is; but I’d need to go back again to see if that is the case.

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