Project 2 Requirements

Here are the requirements for the Final Project.

Presentation will be Monday December 16th 8:30-11:25am.

We will finish all presentations.

Floorplans showing flooring, furniture in plans and images on sheet – in color (rendered)

Sections – Min, 2 – with people, showing the sidewalks, trees, furniture, colored (rendered)

Elevations – Fulton Mall and Boerum Place – showing people, trees, adjacent bldgs, exterior material images on the sheet

Reflected ceiling plans – also show images of lights being selected and include a legend

Interior or exterior images

Physical model 1/8″ to fit in our site model.

Include the previous sheets:  precedent study, logo design, concept model development

(you will receive extra credit of 5pts if you include a site analysis that is similar to what was done for project 1 – not just what you did for you group work.)

Design development from logo design into your design will be 20% of your grade – you may want to show this development as part of your presentation.


Development + Design 20pts

Plans 15pts

Sections 15pts

Elevations 15pts

RCP 10pts

Model 10pts

Precedent study 5pts

Logo design + Concept models 10pts

Site Analysis Bonus 5pts



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