Sebastian Centurion Family (Questions)

1. Does Rob and Martha usually train indoors or outdoors? Would they rather work out if they had a gym in their home, or outside to a public gym?

2. Which room does the family stay in the longest?

3. Do they own any cars or do they take the trains instead, concerning transportation?

4.  Do they plan on having any more kids? If so how many, when, and boy or girls?

5. Is their any special needs for this family? Any necessary rooms needed?

6. What are their favorite : material, color, style, music, car, genre…

7. What are their interest other than yoga and cyclist? What do they want their kids to be?

8. If they can get a free vacation to any place in the world, where would it be and why?

9. If they can meet any famous alive or dead person who would it be and why?

10. Are they into technology? New Cellphones/cars/iPads What is there style? modern?

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  1. sebacen1989 says:

    Hello Larry Molina, I’d be more than happy to answer your questions.

    1.Rob is a professional cyclist, he rides his bicycle on a daily basis outdoors to train for his races. Martha is a yoga instructor, she works at a gym nearby where she also rides her bicycle to. It would be ideal for them to have their own bicycle room in the house where they can fix, and work on their bicycles.

    2. The family is very close, they spend a great amount of time in the living room. It is where they play with their kids.

    3. Since they both believe in trying to save the ecosystem, the only own one car. Most of the times they ride their bicycles. Car is used for kids and when traveling.

    4. The family is not planning on having any more kids, however, surprises happen.

    5. Although the parents play with the kids in the living room a lot, a playroom would be ideal for the brothers to spend time together and bond, as well as a patio.

    6. Favorite materials for the house would be wood (Mahogany) and bricks.

    7. Their kids are involved in the school soccer team, a spacious patio would be ideal for them to train and improve their skills.

    8. The free trip would most likely be Asia. Oriental architecture is one of the most elegant styles, and it is always a pleasure to look at. It is peaceful and comfortable.

    9. If they could meet any famous person that has ever lived, it would probably be a singer named Jeff Buckley. An intriguing and poetic artist who died at a very young age.

    10. The family stays updated with the new technology, however, modern designs are beautiful. If it could be a combination of oriental/modern, it would be spectacular.

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