Larry, Please answer this

Hi Larry-

This is Matt, the architect who was assigned the family consisting of a guitarist, a boxer, and a boy and girl. Would you mind answering these questions for me about the family. Please provide as much details as you can.

Best regards-

1.)    Describe the location of the project site. Are there any unique topography points to be aware of?

2.)    Do you plan on expanding the family anytime soon?

3.)    Are there any special condition regarding your family that I should take into consideration?

4.)    Do you work from home? Does John require a personal studio? How often is Lane home?

5.)    Are there any special program requests for either parent?

6.)    Is the site near any existing means of transportation? Do you own a vehicle?

7.)    Do you entertain for guests?

8.)     Does Jane train at a gym or does she have a personal gym?

9.)    Do you think natural light is important?

10.) How much storage space should be required for John’s equipment? Jane’s equipment?

11.) Did you have any previous designs or preferences for the house in mind already?

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3 Responses to Larry, Please answer this

  1. Larry Molina says:

    1. Concerning the location, I am really not sure if I can give you a definite answer. But I believe that this family would enjoy an environment that is family friendly but yet gives an impression of city life. These famous parents though maybe wanting to be distant from society would like to be relatively close due to their careers and professions.
    2. The family will likely grow in the near future, around a year from now, to two more children.
    3. There isn’t any special conditions for any of the family members.
    4. Usually John Doe (or whatever you would like to name him) works from home, so ideally he would like a nice acoustic studio. Same goes to Jane Doe when it comes to having a personal boxing ring in her house. Jane is home often.
    5. Not sure what that question really means, but they both would like to get fit and healthy, also being musically inclined.
    6. There are two to three cars, and do not live close enough to take the train, besides they would not want to because they are famous.
    7. Certainly, both of the parents like to entertain for their guests.
    8. She trains in both places, but rather train at home.
    9. I do believe natural light is important. Not to much but enough.
    10. Jane’s equipment would be much more than John’s due to the ring but since its a gym everybody could workout there. Ideally it would be around 35′ x 50′ or bigger if possible. John’s studio would be a lot smaller just as long as he has all his equipment, such as guitars, monitors, amps, mics, and everything else needed, he would be happy.
    11. Not really but a building that gives the impression artistic, athletic, and of course modern, for this very modern family.

  2. Matthew Ho says:

    Hi Larry, I would like to clear up some of the questions that were vague before and ask you to explain some answers in more detail.

    Question 5.) “Are there any special program requests for either parent?”,
    Would the parents like to request any additional program spaces besides the obvious gym and music studio? Perhaps an indoor sauna room for Jane because boxers usually must follow a strict weight limit requirement and use the sauna to sweat out excess body fluids? Perhaps a separate recording studio for John to edit audio? Or perhaps John enjoys reading in his spare time and would like to request a small library?

    Question #11. Can you describe your vision of modern? Would the family enjoy a cleaner and smoother atmosphere as with modern buildings today? Or would they enjoy modern style as in the building having a simplistic orthogonal form?

    Thank you for your time Larry. Best regards.

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