10 Questions – Lennart Magi

Mr. Lennart Magi

Below I have compiled a set of preliminary questions I would like you to answer in regard to the proposed project. In order to establish a general idea of you and your family’s needs, the answers to these questions will prove to be conducive during the beginning stages of the design process. Please take your time and give them some thought, answering them with completeness. This will be very a helpful first step in gaining an introductory glance to who you and your family are. The more I understand about you and your family’s specific needs and interests the better I will be in ultimately designing a unique living space catered to you and your family’s lifestyle.




1. Where is the location of the project site and what makes it particularly appealing to you?

2. What type of project will this be? For example: Will this be a new construction or an addition or renovation to an existing structure?

3. What is the project budget?

4. What is the time frame of the overall project?

5. Do you plan on expanding your family in the future or have any other reason that may require additional space in the home?

6. Are there any special conditions regarding your family that we should take into consideration? Such as any disabilities or health conditions that would require special facilities or apply certain limitations to the overall design?

7. Do either you or your spouse work from home? If so do you require any additional works spaces with specific requirements?

8. Are there any special program requirements unique to you or any other family members?

9. What design styles or elements do you find most appealing in residential architecture?

10. Do you entertain often or have frequent visitors that may require additional guestrooms?

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