Stephanie Jackson (Emily, Jackie)

My Family

My Family

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  1. Eric says:

    1. Where is the site located?
    2. What type of project will this be? New Construction?
    3. What is your project “budget”?
    4. What is your time-frame and scheduled due date?
    5. Do you plan on expanding the family?
    6. Are there any special conditions/activity’s your children preform that i should take into consideration?
    7. Do you work from home Emily?
    8. Are there any special program requirements unique to yourself?
    9. What are the Families Interests, Such as cooking at home, guests, etc to take into account.
    10. Do you travel often, how often is your family at home.
    11. Do you host parties?

    • archstephy says:

      1. In Brooklyn
      2. Yes it will be new construction
      3. I would like to spend no more than $600,000
      4. I would like it to be completed by the summer, August the latest
      5. No
      6. Veronica loves to dance and the boys enjoy playing sports and video games
      7. I have an office in Mid-Town but also do a lot of work at home.
      8. I space for me to design freely and a space for the kids to enjoy their activities.
      9. We do like to throw dinner parties and have play dates for the kids. Jackie likes to come home to a relaxing environment.
      10. I only travel a few times a year for fashion shows and Jackie stays home with the kids. We do a family vacation once a year.
      11. Of course.

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