someone tell me how can i reduce my pdf file size. im pushing close to 26mb.

Dear Nikitha,

My name is Lennart Magi and I will be your family’s architect. As you may know before starting with anything, I have few questions to ask and would like you to answer them. So based on your answers I have a direction to start the design of your new home.

1-What is your budget?

2-Where is the site?

3-Who is going to be occupying the house? (as in how many adults, kids, pets)

4-Does every occupant need their own room or can they share?

5-Does anybody have any special needs? (disabled, allergies, medical conditions that may conflict with going up the stairs)

6-What is your primary means or transportation? Is there public transportation near by?

7-How long are you planning on living in the house? And are you thinking of selling the home in few years?

8-Do you like to have extra bedrooms for visitors in your home?

9-Do you want your home to show character? (shapes, curves) Or do you want traditional home?

10-Is there anything special you want in your home that I didn’t ask? (custom furniture, backyard, pool)

Thank You.

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  1. Matthew Ho says:

    Hey Lennart, did you try saving as a reduced pdf yet? Open up the pdf, save as, and save as reduced size pdf. If you already did, open it with InDesign and save it as low quality image file. Hope that helped.

  2. If you are using acrobat Pro (we have this at the college) you can save the file as Optimized or Reduced. If the file is that large you may have to high a resolution of the artwork – you can try the following:

    From the PDF save the file as a jpg. See the size of the jpg. If it needs to be smaller still open it in Photoshop and google “how to reduce the size of a jpg in photoshop” and you will get plenty of suggestions. An image uploaded onto a website can be just 75 to 150 dpi –

    Good Luck

  3. Matthew Ho says:

    Hi Lennart-
    Did you make the board for the family of a male guitarist, female boxer, 1 year old daughter, and 7 year old boy? If so, would you kindly answer these questions for me?

    1.) Describe the location of the project site. Are there any unique topography points to be aware of?
    2.) Do you plan on expanding the family anytime soon?
    3.) Are there any special condition regarding your family that I should take into consideration?
    4.) Do you work from home? Does John require a personal studio? How often is Lane home?
    5.) Are there any special program requests for either parent?
    6.) Is the site near any existing means of transportation? Do you own a vehicle?
    7.) Who makes dinner? Do you entertain for guests?
    8.) Does Jane train at a gym or does she have a personal gym?
    9.) Do you think natural light is important?
    10.) How much storage space should be required for John’s equipment? Jane’s equipment?
    11.) Did you have any previous designs or preferences for the house in mind already?

    Thank you for your time.
    Best regards,
    Matthew Ho

  4. Brendan says:

    Mr. Lennart Magi

    Below I have compiled a set of preliminary questions I would like you to answer in regard to the proposed project. In order to establish a general idea of you and your family’s needs, the answers to these questions will prove to be conducive during the beginning stages of the design process. Please take your time and give them some thought, answering them with completeness. This will be very a helpful first step in gaining an introductory glance to who you and your family are. The more I understand about you and your family’s specific needs and interests the better I will be in ultimately designing a unique living space catered to you and your family’s lifestyle.



    1. Where is the location of the project site and what makes it particularly appealing to you?

    2. What type of project will this be? For example: Will this be a new construction or an addition or renovation to an existing structure?

    3. What is the project budget?

    4. What is the time frame of the overall project?

    5. Do you plan on expanding your family in the future or have any other reason that may require additional space in the home?

    6. Are there any special conditions regarding your family that we should take into consideration? Such as any disabilities or health conditions that would require special facilities or apply certain limitations to the overall design?

    7. Do either you or your spouse work from home? If so do you require any additional works spaces with specific requirements?

    8. Are there any special program requirements unique to you or any other family members?

    9. What design styles or elements do you find most appealing in residential architecture?

    10. Do you entertain often or have frequent visitors that may require additional guestrooms?

    • Lennart Magi says:

      Thank you for contacting,

      1 The site is located in brooklyn heights Atlantic Ave. and Furman St. corner. We like the site because it is next to the brooklyn water way and its beautiful area. especially the evening views to manhattan.
      2 This will be a new construction.
      3 My budget is 1 million dollars, however if possible i would like to keep it around 750,000 (if possible)
      4 I would like to have the house occupiable by the end of this year (before Chirstmas holidays)
      5 As of now we have a 2 year old son, my wife wants another child pretty soon. So an additional room would be ideal.
      6 No one has any special needs nor are we allergic to anything.
      7 Wife hates to work at home she likes to keep work away from home. Myself being a digital musician, i like to have my own space where i can do my work and not be disturbing anyone.
      8 My son has passion for bee hives because of my father-in-law. So outdoor space or a back yard is a must have and since we don’t want Mattias (our son) too near the bee hive(s) yet. So far he hasn’t been stung yet and we would like to keep it that way at least ’til he gets older. Also we don’t want the bees get into our living spaces. The bee hive(s) shouldn’t be next to our patio. We like to have a master bedroom with a walk-in closet. Though we like to have privacy especially around the outdoor space.
      9 I like contemporary architecture, my wife likes a traditional home (prairie style). so if you can combine both styles together it would be ideal.
      10. Yes i do have in-laws come in every weekend, myself and my wife we have lot of friends from outside of United States who come visit us at least once a year. Some have kids as well who are older than our son, so if we can get 2 guest rooms one for adult and kids, so that way everyone has some privacy.

      I hope my answers are helpful, if more questions arise or something is unclear please do send me an email at or call me direct 917-922-2487 and we will be glad to solve any problems or setbacks.

      Thank You,

      Lennart Magi

  5. nikitha says:

    Dear Lennart,
    These are the answer to your question. If you have any more feel free to ask. Thank you.

    1. The budget should be around 400,000.
    3. Copy editor (father), Potter (mother), three daughters (7 year old, 9 year old, 11 year old)
    The father is a copy editor wants the keep his job away from his home. The mother is a potter and wants to make it a home business. They have 3 daughters. The 11 year olds hobbies involve music. She plays the piano, guitar, sings and writes her own music. The 9 year old daughter plays a lot of sports like soccer, tennis, volleyball and swims. The 7 years old daughter also swims and likes to read books.
    4. The adults can share one room. The 11 year old need her own space, but the two youngest daughters can share another room.
    5. No one has special needs.
    6. We use public transportation most of the time but we do own one car which we don’t use very often.
    7. We plan on living in the house for another 10 years.
    8. Extra bedrooms are not really needed.
    9. I think it would be nice if the house showed some character rather than being a traditional home.
    10. We can use an extra storage space for the pottery. You can also add a studio that can be used as place to make pottery.

  6. Lennart,

    I still do not see your board posted?

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