Case Study Buildings – Steel Multistory

The chosen building must be a multi-story steel building that contains both elevator and stair cores. It is best if the façade contains two different materials and that the building includes a lobby/atrium with a double height space.  These two criteria are helpful but not mandatory

Good choices are public buildings (Museums & Libraries) located in New York or the vicinity so they can be visited.  Virtual visits of buildings outside of NY will be considered.

You must be able to find enough detailed information about the building so you can model it in Revit.  This includes full plans, sections & elevations that show structure and include dimensions.  Consider reaching out directly to the architect, look to their websites and look for buildings that are well published. 

 A short list of possible buildings to consider includes the following:

  1. Ford Foundation 
  2. Seagrams
  3. Lever House
  4. NYCCT new building (by Perkins Eastman)
  5. NY Times Building

  6. The Whitney museum