Start today in class and finish before next Thursdays class

Create your new Revit file for your project

  • Create a New Project (Default Template)
  • Locate the project (Manage > Location)
  • Rotate Project (Manager > Position > Rotate Project North) – Optional
  • Create Grids (bubbles at both ends)
  • Create Levels (level symbols only on the right side)
  • Cleanup – Make sure grids intersect levels
  • Propagate extents – Select the grids only (use filter if necessary)
  • Draw Outline of your building – (Architecture > Model Lines)
  • Position Building within the elevation symbols – move the elevation keys and drawing plane lines as needed
  • Do not show property lines on the floor plans (select property line – Rt Click > Hide in View > By Category)
  • Layout First Floor on a sheet (22 x 34) – use scale 1/8″ = 1′-0″

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