Welcome to the first day of class

To get started – remember to be in the habit of checking this website on a daily basis – even on days when you do not have class. Posts on our class OpenLab website will be used to communicate to the class, clarify assignments and provide useful information as the semester rolls out.

We will do a lot of group work this semester (I promise to make you prefer group work by the end of the semester).  Each group/team is to create their own website which will be linked to our class site.  Work of team members will be posted on their team websites.

First assignments is to create your firm/team profile on your website.

This site will also be used to distribute lecture materials & tutorials.  We will save as many trees as possible by not printing when possible.

OK – time to get to class.

You can contact me at PKing@CityTech.Cuny.Edu or Prof.Paul.King@Gmail.com

My office is V812 in the main office and my office hours will be on Mondays after our class meets.

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