Supply Shopping List

Supply Notes:

  • 18″x 24″ sheet size is acceptable for all assignments (recommend 18″ roll of trace paper)
  • Avoid metal scales and triangles.
  • All triangles to be flat edge, no bevel (for lead drafting, not ink drafting)
  • Lead holders are the best drawing tool for hand drafting. Buy a range of lead weights (2h, 4h, H) to allow for a variety of line weights.)
  • Parallel rules are much more reliable than t-squares. Parallels require a board or table to which they can be screwed down. You can buy 1/2 plywood, have it cut to 18″x 24″ or larger, then buy a vinyl board cover (see bellow) and use double stick tape to mount it to the board. Then screw parallel rule to board.
adjustable triangle
circle template
drafting dots
erasing shield
lead holder
lead pointer
vellum 22 x 34 sheets 20lb