Current Assignment – Case Study Building – Posting for Monday by Midnight

Complete the following for Monday evening

  • Create a new project file – give it a good name
    • Should include your name, the semester & course, your building, your professor
  • Create all necessary Levels – and set their heights –
    • If your building does not have a basement level please add one
  • Add your grids
    • You should have a minimum of two intersecting grids (1,2,3 & A,B,C)
    • If your building has the same layout of grids on every floor make certain your grids show on every level
    • If your grids are complex and change on different levels complete at least the first level (entry level)
    • Add dimensions for all your grid lines – do this only on Level 1
  • Sheet and Scale
    • Set the scale of your plans to 1/8″=1′-0″
    • Using 1/8″ scale attempt to format the grids on a 22 x 34 scale. If it does not fit then try larger sheets (30×24, 24×44) but do not adjust the scale.
    • Do not delete any attempts to layout the sheet from your file.
    • If it still does not fit just let it run off and bring it to class.
    • Modify the titleblock to include your photo and name, list your team mates for the project, name of the project, course, semester, professor
  • Post on Blackboard (by end of day Monday)
    • Revit file
    • Plotted PDF – this would be for your sheets.  If you lay out your project on different sheets then they would all be included in the PDF – a single PDF please.

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