Modified Grading Percentages & Class Schedule – All sections

To accommodate the loss of time and the modified schedule for the Spring of 2020 we have updated the grading percentages for the various projects assigned this semester.  We will spend the rest of the semester focused on the two 3D model assemblies (Opaque & Glass Curtain Wall).

We will not go back to working on the Revit drawing set.  Each professor will notify you about any additional collection dates for this drawing set.

Updated Schedule
WK Topic Tuesday Thursday
Week 1 Exterior Backup Wall 14-Apr 16-Apr
Week 2 Curtain Wall Systems Overview 21-Apr 23-Apr
Week 3 Structural Glazed Curtain Wall 28-Apr 30-Apr
Week 4 Parapets & Footings 5-May 7-May
Week 5 Windows & Doors 12-May 14-May
Week 6 Final Presentations 19-May 21-May


Grading Statistics for Connections Assignment

All the grades are posted.  I am awaiting the posting from 1 student.

In addition to the class pinup grading included a review of your Revit files and families.  In this review I looked for proper naming of families, correct use of reference planes and parameters that controlled the model.  I also looked for sheet layout and development of details including the views shown and the inclusion of notes, hatch, dimensions etc.

Scavenger Hunt Best Sheet Grade

Please note that there are two columns for grade statistics.  The first column is based on the work shown at pinup. 5  student grades were lowered due to lateness of posting your files on Blackboard.

This included 2 students with A- grades (lowered to B+), 3 students with B grades (lowered to B-) and one B- grade (lowered to C+)

The second grade column  statistics after the grades were lowered.

It is important that you meet this deadline and that you submit on time.

Grades for the Scavenger Hunt Warmup

Your grades are posted on blackboard. This listing will let you know how your work compares to your classmates. Many of you did not complete the requirements for uploading files either at all or on a timely basis.

While this did not affect your grades for this assignment it will in future have a negative affect on your grades. Please be certain to meet all requirements of all assignments.