I took out the electrical tape and replace it with terminals to have a solid connection. I added handles to the side of the flood light. I also added handles on the side on the flood light. Today in going to fix an led strip that is not solder correctly.

April 6

So last night I applied epoxy to glues the panels inside the case. I tried to look for C brackets so I can be able to rigged the light. Unfortunately I didn’t find any the had my dimension. Since the the dimension of the fixture is about 13 1/3 inch. However I did came across an adjustable C- Brackets but the cost was too high to buy because I am over budget for the project. At this point, I have attract handles to maybe be able to hand or hold.

March 20

Drafting the cigar case and LEDs strip on AutoCad. Tried to figure out how much of the 5 meter I could use to built 2 panels to fit in the case. I know that I can’t go beyond 5 meter since I’m already over budget. I bought solder iron today. I tried using the equipment at school on Saturday but it takes my opportunity cost. That is something more valuable to me  because I have other projects.

March 23

So on March 17 I went to the doctor and got my injured right whisk check. It turns out I have a turn TFCC. This injury is effecting me soldering. I am on a cast for 3 weeks. Today I attempted to solder and got burn several times. I need to finish no cast is going to stop me. I’ll find a way to solder with a injured arm.


Today I stripped the 22 awg main power wire and replace it with 16 awg. The reason I replaced it because the 22 awg wire was heating up. After making research I discover that 22 awg is too thin for pulling 6 amps. So I change it to a 16 awg which can pull 10 amps leaving me with head room. I finish with one panel. I realize today one strip doesn’t light up at I applied the apoxy. I need to re solder it to another conductor tonight. I am having the feeling that I won’t be able to have it in a open a close case. Bending the conductors is to risky.



So the LED lamp is finish at this point. I tested the solders connection. Some were loose I had to re solder them. The light  panel fits nice on the cigar case. I had to modify the case by carving holes and canals for the electrical wires. I decided tonight to built a case that is going to be attached to the the lamp. Need to find a 1/4 inch light sheet of lumber.

March 28

Met up with Jesse show him my lamp and ask him about the idea with adding a case at the back. I explained to him that it would be extremely bulky of I do built it. He suggested  to just have a hook for it.

March 31


Jesse suggest me to not work on the lamp because the main purpose for it has been fulfill since it is a proof of concept. Now I should start working on my presentation. I need to gather all my pictures and research together.