Freewrite #1

Over the labor day weekend, I met up with my volleyball teammates and played against another team. I remember both teams fighting to be on shady side of the court. My team won and we got to experience the breeziness of the shade. The next day was a Sunday, and I was called in to work. Playing volleyball for hours straight in the sun tired me out, but surprisingly I wasn’t overly tired and was still able to make it out of my bed. Like any other work day, I would be driven to Manhattan and have to set up the tent. I work as a salesperson selling phone cases and accessories in street fairs. Business was slow, and it didn’t begin to be busy until it was around closing time. I remember the entire time just wondering when it would end and waiting for Monday to come. My friends decided that on Monday we would play volleyball again and it was something I looked forward to while I was at work.