Research Paper Draft #2

Fashion Marketing

As fashion stylist Rachel Zoe once said, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” When meeting people for the very first time, one of the first few things they learn about you is your physical features and the way you dress. Fashion allows individuals to be creative in what they choose to wear and may allow them to gain confidence. There are many different types of styles that are used for different occasions or depending on the individual’s mood. Fashion influences society and the people behind the fashion process are fashion marketers. There is valuable information to be gained about what fashion marketing is, what the responsibilities are, and the process of becoming a fashion marketer.

Many people may know what marketing is, but what exactly is fashion marketing? “At its most basic. fashion marketing is the strategic art of pushing product. Market research launches a marketing strategy, answering those must-know questions such as information to develop a marketing program with coordinated elements such as advertising, special events, public and media relations…” A fashion marketer is responsible for the entire product development process. This ranges from predicting trends, deciding what kind of product to develop, and creating a marketing plan.

The term fashion marketing is a vague term where there are many job opportunities that are offered with a fashion marketing degree. One of them would be a fashion buyer, who is responsible for deciding what products are to be purchased and sold in stores. Another job opportunity would be a visual merchandiser. It’s responsibilities include developing a three-dimensional floor plan of the retail outlet and in product placement in order to gain customers’ attention and in highlighting each product’s features. Another career would be public relations. Someone in public relations would be the middle person communicating back and forth with retailers and consumers and making a brand appeal to the consumers.

It wasn’t until the sixteenth and seventeenth century that fashion began to be interesting and where fashion communications were used. First came fashion plates which were illustrations of the product, then came the magazine articles, and then social media. Patricia Rigia, a Fashion Merchandising major at University of Bridgeport, once said, “The glitz at fashion shows and on the fashion shows and on the pages of fashion magazines is the culmination of many creative and analytical activities, market research, and hard work.” (Shaw & Jackson, 2008). With fashion world being more exposed and accessible to the public, more interest is gained, and with that, communication between consumers and marketers is created.

One of the many responsibilities of a fashion marketer would be marketing research. According to the book, Mastering Fashion Marketing “The term ‘marketing research’ refers to the process of gathering and analysing a wide range of different types of information in order to assist decision-making” (Shaw & Jackson, 2008). Marketing research gives a better understanding for fashion marketers and companies as to whether the products made will be successful in satisfying consumer needs. Examples of marketing research would be surveying consumers, and accessing primary or secondary data from National Purchase Diary (NPD). Another responsibility would be developing a market plan. In the article “MARKETING PLAN” by Stan Fridstein, it states, “The essence of most profitable direct marketing models is the relationship between the cost of acquiring a customer, the lifetime value of a buyer, and the resulting return on investment (Fridstein, 2000). In a marketing plan there are the distribution channels or the “4 Ps,” which include product, promotion, price, and placement. Each channel represents a different aspect regarding consumers’ attitudes, their needs, and costs. Narrowing down the target market is essential in a marketing plan as you will have the guide to how you should promote the product towards the specific group of people. Another duty would be managing the supply chain management. As shown in the book, Fashion Marketing Contemporary Issues, “Supply chains are dynamic, efficient, effective, response networks delivering customer requirements flexibly and on time” (Hines & Bruce, 2002). Fashion marketers are also responsible for the flow of raw materials, inventory, and the finished product up until the product reaches the point of consumption.

What is the process of becoming a fashion marketer? The prerequisites would be satisfying the education requirements. In order to be enlisted into an associate’s or bachelor’s degree program, a high school diploma or General Educational Development (GED) is required. There are many colleges offering associate and bachelor degrees for fashion marketing. Associate degrees in fashion marketing will allow you to pursue careers in fields such as becoming a fashion buyer, visual merchandiser, and fashion sales supervisor. Having a bachelor’s degree will allow you to pursue a career such as an advertising strategist or marketing manager. A master’s degree is also available for people pursuing a career in the fashion business world. A Master of Business Administration (MBA) can be obtained and used towards a career in becoming a fashion show manager, or retail manager.

Throughout the process of becoming a fashion marketer, education is the prerequisite, but experience is also required. Interning would be the ideal way to gain industry experience. Networking is crucial in fashion marketing. Developing contacts with fashion business insiders may land you a job offer later on in the future. Having the actual work experience would also be helpful. Applying to job offers in the marketing or public relations department will be beneficial. Every career has their own beginning and base, and working as an assistant manager or store associate is the foundation of working in the fashion industry. Landing an internship may not be easy, but it will be worth it when you may be offered a permanent position in the company. Interning for a small company would be more beneficial as a first step rather than for a bigger, and more recognized company. New companies will rely on interns much more than leading companies, and your input and voice would be heard and considered more. Social media is also an essential way to gain a job opportunity. Many fashion companies will have a “jobs” page on their websites and accessibility to send a resume and set up an interview. Finding the internship would be the first step, and making the most out of the experience would be second. Researching what the skills and experiences needed for your future job would be essential in the long run. Asking would be the easiest way to gain more knowledge and answers to questions you’ve had ever since you made the decision to pursue a career in fashion marketing. Having your own blog, or fashion platform will be a way to show employers what you’ve accomplished. It will aid in building a network, and recognition in the fashion world. Lastly, being up to date with trends in the fashion industry is important. Knowledge is key when making any marketing decisions.

Knowing what fashion marketing is, what its daily tasks are, and what is the process of being a fashion marketer is key. There are many different job opportunities under fashion marketing whether it be as a fashion buyer, visual merchandiser, or even in entrepreneurship. Some tasks would be forecasting trends, determining store inventory, pricing, and managing the supply chain. The process of becoming a fashion marketer would be gaining an education, whether it be a associates’, bachelors’, or master’s degree. Experience and putting yourself out there in the fashion world is also important in gaining a network group. Learning about fashion marketing would be beneficial to those both interested in fashion and business. There may be a lot of individuals interested, but are not informed that such a major exists.


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Freewrite #4

Self Evaluation

My interests have stayed the same. Volleyball and fashion are still my interests. My goals for this class would be to improve on my writing skills and in learning to express myself more through my writing more. I would want to start reading more, and in exploring other writing styles. I have improved on my volleyball skills, and I would also like to be more informed about the outside world and any current events whether they affect me or not. I would also like to be more open to criticism and using it as a learning experience.


Freewrite #3

It’s hard for me to tell the truth if I believe it may hurt the other person. I would generally not say anything that I would be offended of if someone were to say it to me. With strangers I would not directly tell them anything negative, but with closer friends I would be more truthful but also never to the point where I would purposely say something that I know they would take it seriously and to heart. I usually don’t want to burden people with my troubles, and try to figure it out myself. I’ve learned that I should express my troubles more and that it’s okay to receive help from others when I need it.

Freewrite #2

In a perfect world…

Everyone would have the same respect towards everyone. Disregarding the different cultures and beliefs, everyone would not judge others based on their looks, the way they dress, and talk. Everyone would be considerate towards each other’s feelings, and would be encouraging. I would also be able to find a job where I would enjoy and can have fun. I would not have to worry about money, and being able to provide and support my family.

Freewrite #1

Over the labor day weekend, I met up with my volleyball teammates and played against another team. I remember both teams fighting to be on shady side of the court. My team won and we got to experience the breeziness of the shade. The next day was a Sunday, and I was called in to work. Playing volleyball for hours straight in the sun tired me out, but surprisingly I wasn’t overly tired and was still able to make it out of my bed. Like any other work day, I would be driven to Manhattan and have to set up the tent. I work as a salesperson selling phone cases and accessories in street fairs. Business was slow, and it didn’t begin to be busy until it was around closing time. I remember the entire time just wondering when it would end and waiting for Monday to come. My friends decided that on Monday we would play volleyball again and it was something I looked forward to while I was at work.

Research Paper Outline

I. Intro

  1. Opener- “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”. -Rachel Zoe
  2. Thesis Statement- Through my research I have found information about what is fashion marketing, what the responsibilities are, and the process of becoming a fashion marketer. 

II. Body

  1. Sub topic 1: What is fashion marketing? job description, job positions (fashion buyer, visual merchandiser, retail store owner), history of fashion marketing
  2. Sub topic 2: What do fashion marketers do? develop and analyze marketing plans, assist companies, communicating with manufacturers, forecast trends, determine store inventory, pricing, managing supply chain pg. 29 (Fashion Marketing)
  3. Sub topic 3: What is the process of becoming a fashion marketer? prerequisites, high school diploma or GED, levels (associates, bachelors, masters), internships, experience

III. Conclusion: In conclusion, I have informed you what fashion marketing is, what their daily tasks are, and the process of being a fashion marketer.


“Despite Setbacks, Bloomberg Plan Has Made New York Greener” Summary

In the article, “Despite Setbacks, Bloomberg Plan Has Made New York Greener”, it addresses the changes Bloomberg has made in order to better benefit the environment. Bloomberg’s plans include his PlaNYC which was created to reduce carbon emissions and “It proposed regional parks, bike lanes, stormwater infrastructure, affordable housing and a green building code.” With changes there were disappointments, successes, and newer ideas. One disappointment was congestion pricing. Bloomberg plans were to charge drivers entering Manhattan. Luckily, the plan failed to be passed. One success would be opening school playgrounds for the public. Some future plans would be to cut down on sending our city’s trash to out of state landfills that are both costly financially and environmentally. They are soon considering waste to energy facilities. With many changes happening, there are still many more to happen.  

“From Doo Wop to Hip Hop: The Bittersweet Odyssey of African Americans in the South Bronx” Summary

The theme addressed in the article “From Doo Wop to Hip Hop”, is the life of African Americans living in South Bronx. The author, Mark Naison focuses on the African Americans that moved to South Bronx, either from the South, Harlem, and the Caribbean after WW2. In the 1960s, children were brought up with families that fell apart, where heroin use was also the reason why “children were too often forced to raise themselves”. Hip hop began as an icebreaker of social order in a society where parental guidance was nowhere to be found. In the article, the author addresses the upgrade, environmental factors, and the influences of hip hop to their everyday lives living in Southern Bronx.

“Five Minds for The Future” Summary

Howard Garner addresses the types of minds that we as humans will need in order to survive the upcoming eras. The five minds are the disciplined, synthesizing, creating, respectful, and ethical mind. He believes that society continues to grow in a fast pace and it is our job as individuals to keep up. Education is one of the major contributions, combined with disciplined, synthesizing, creating, respectful and being ethical.  


Textual Analysis Outline

I. Intro

  1. Opener: “I look only to the good qualities of men. Not being faultless myself, I won’t probe into the faults of others.” -Mahatma Gandhi
  2. Thesis Statement: In the poem “If” it addresses the themes of mankind to be patient, humble, and trustworthy.

II. Body

  1. Sub topic 1: Throughout the poem, one of the themes addressed was patience.
  2. Sub topic 2: Another quality that Rudyard Kipling believes everyone should have is being humble.
  3. Sub topic 3: The last quality is being trustworthy.

  III. Conclusion: In conclusion, Rudyard Kipling’s poem “If” addresses the traits that everyone should have. They are patience, humbleness, and being trustworthy.