Research Paper Outline

I. Intro

  1. Opener- “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”. -Rachel Zoe
  2. Thesis Statement- Through my research I have found information about what is fashion marketing, what the responsibilities are, and the process of becoming a fashion marketer. 

II. Body

  1. Sub topic 1: What is fashion marketing? job description, job positions (fashion buyer, visual merchandiser, retail store owner), history of fashion marketing
  2. Sub topic 2: What do fashion marketers do? develop and analyze marketing plans, assist companies, communicating with manufacturers, forecast trends, determine store inventory, pricing, managing supply chain pg. 29 (Fashion Marketing)
  3. Sub topic 3: What is the process of becoming a fashion marketer? prerequisites, high school diploma or GED, levels (associates, bachelors, masters), internships, experience

III. Conclusion: In conclusion, I have informed you what fashion marketing is, what their daily tasks are, and the process of being a fashion marketer.