Visually Enhanced Quote (1st)

By taking my own photograph and using my own quote, I was able to combined these two and make this Visually Enhanced Quote. One of the font I used was Avenir Next. The red of the chair and the word “SEE” match each other. I used the same color to have a relationship of the image and the quote.


Visually Enhanced Quote (2nd)

The second quote has a different color; I used a sun rise photo that I also took. The bird on the photograph has a connection with the quote. I aligned the text with the bird to make a story behind this design. Colors I was for the text was the same as the bird and white to make it more readable. Also for this quote I used Avenir Next.


Visually Enhanced Quote (3rd)

The third quote, is using a photograph that I took in Central Park, New York. A changed the colors of the photograph to make it more greenish. The beautiful reflection of the water matches the sky; and the black horizontal shape on the photograph is where I put the text, so it can be easy to read.