Ford Motor Company was founded in June 16, 1903 by Henry Ford. Ford is an American motor company greatly recognized nowadays. The original logo of the company was first designed by C. Harold Wills. He was an engineer at the Ford company. He designed the logo in 1903. The logo was script letters and it was different from the one they have now. Back in 1903, the logo name was “Ford Motor Co. Detroit, Mich.” This motor company have changed their logo around 8 times. Their second logo was changed in 1909 were they only wrote “Ford” using script letters. After their second logo, the company have used the same idea or style of the script “Ford” name. Furthermore, the company have changed the company name from “Ford Motor Co. Detroit, Mich.” to something simple like “Ford.” Next, their third logo was changed on 1912; it was “Ford, the universal car” surrounded by an eagle shape. That logo, was their first logo that brought color. Moreover, the company changed that logo the same year by another simple and yet beautiful design. Instead of the eagle shape and blue color logo, they changed it to just “Ford” surrounded by an oval shape. The design was black and white. After that design, they have not changed their idea of the oval shape. In 1927, they changed their logo again but this time they added the blue color and still have the “Ford” surrounded by the oval shape. Next, their logo changed again in 1957; still the same idea but a little bit different. The company still used “Ford,” but the oval shape was almost if they want to do an square shape, and the blue was darker. In 1976, they changed their logo again but this time they added some dimension to the logo and they fix the oval again to an original oval shape. Shadows was also added to the logo. Their current logo now is more simple and yet sophisticated ; it was introduced in 2003 to remember the 100th year of anniversary.

Many companies changed their logo to show the community that they are advancing in technology and economically. Most companies wants to be modern. On the other hand, some organizations do not like to change their logo or brand name because they want to be recognized forever by their logo or brand name; they want to be in people’s mind. Additionally, Ford did changed their logo and their brand name to show the community that they are growing; that they are modernizing. Moreover, Ford kept with one design and one only so that we the people recognized their brand right away. They used slogan like “There is a Ford in your future” in posters to advertise their company. Ford Motor Company also uses their logo in commercials to represent their product to the people. The company uses their logo everywhere basically; cars, clothing, advertisements and more. There is a big history in the logo or in the brand name of some company. Sometimes, we think that a logo is just a simple design with texts, symbols, and shapes; but we do not know the meaning of it or the historical background of it. A great example of history, is the Ford company logo. I learned that sometimes you have to show the world how you are changing; and one way to demonstrate that is by changing your logo. Also, you can change your logo many times; but always be consistent with your design. Furthermore, you can use your logo everywhere to promote your company such as advertisements or commercials.