“The more you see, the more you learn.” – Alvaro Nunez
My name is Alvaro Nunez and I was born in the Dominican Republic. Art is my
passion and since I was six years old, I draw. I started college at New York City
College of Technology in 2012 and I applied to study architecture. I finished
my associate degree as an architect but then, when I wanted to continue the
bachelor degree, I realized that I wanted to be a designer. After days of confus-
ions, I decided to do my bachelor in Communication Design. Furthermore, this
was a tremendous change in my life; designing is my everything. I found Commu-
nication Design easy since the first semester I started. The classes are enjoyable,
most of them easy, relaxing and fun. My first semester was great. I was taking 4 
classes, full time student and I got straight A’s in all of my classes. Many of my
friends were surprised because they saw I was working and how easy everything
was for me. My second semester, again, I got A’s in all of my classes. Many people
think that I am a nerd; but is not that I am a nerd, is that I put a lot of effort on
what I do. Every semester in this career, I had to do my assignments and always I
have to help someone with their homework. In other words, I have to do the assi-
gnments double basically. I help many people and I love to help people. 
Adobes programs; I consider my self a semi-pro. I love those programs. I used
them to draw, design, sketch, and more. I learned the basics of the Adobe’s pro-
grams when I was taking architecture classes. Moreover, I became good at it
when I changed my major to Communication Design. In this major, we focused
more in the design part of the Adobe’s programs. We have to navigate, study,
and understand the program from head to toe. Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illus-
trator and Adobe InDesign are the main programs that a designer used. In my
free time I used Adobe Photoshop to draw and paint photorealistic art. I want
to be an animator so that is why I try to draw photorealistic. In Adobe Illustra-
tor, I basically do logos or vector based characters because Adobe Illustrator is
vector based; is not raster. Adobe InDesign, one of my favorite to do book,
posters, typography and more. I used those programs all the time; even when
I’m in vacation I used them because I don’t want to forget what I have learned.
Adobe is a very powerful tool and I wish to become certified on Adobe. My goal
is to be an animator and one of the best in the world. I want to be recognized
by the world.