Internship: Journal 2

My role in the Toy Museum is to illustrate new ideas or remake new objects that will be shown in the video presentations for the virtual museum, and to animate a few objects for the videos. The founder of the museum, Marlene Hochman, is also my supervisor and client since I create work to show her and she gives me feedback during our meetings or sometimes through email. I found this internship through, and I signed up for it because it was easy to get to, and the work they described was related to my major and the work I already do in my classes. I was contacted by Marlene Hochman to come in for an interview, and she offered me the internship position right after the interview, which I accepted. She asked me questions like: what were my skills, can I animate, can I create posters, what other skills do I have, and if she can see my portfolio, which I was able to provide answers and my portfolio to her with ease.

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