Internship: Journal 5

A collaborative project that I have recently worked on is a Time Machine for the virtual museum. It is supposed to turn on and show a toy from years ago while giving historical information about it. I drew the machine traditionally, and then scanned it into a digital format while adding color and editing it. Then I animated it to be used in the video, and created a background of old pictures of children and their toys in a collage that fades away when the machine opens to reveal the toy inside of it. I worked with another intern who worked on editing the video and audio for the machine. He would see if the machine worked in the video, and I would work on fixing any problems with the Time Machine that he would point out. We communicated directly during our meetings at the library and it was successful because we could show each other our progress, and if something went wrong, we could immediately show each other so that the project could be fixed and rendered easily and efficiently.

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