Internship: Journal 6

This passed week, I have been given more projects to do, which has helped me in learning how to manage those multiple projects at one time, and to keep the work flow going. The projects I have mostly been working on are re-designing different rooms for the digital Toy Museum, of which each one has it’s own unique theme, and the colors and objects in the room need to follow that theme in a simple and effective way for the viewers. There are four rooms I am working on, and two of them I need to finish up and send to the boss. After showing some of the finished projects to my boss, she suggested changes to some of them, which has helped me in understanding that a project is never done until it is published, and that I have to be wary of this. I need to organize my time proficiently and work effectively so that I will be prepared when a project may need to be edited, even in the last minute.

Here is an example of one completed room. The drawn background was what I was given, along with the background picture and the other pictures of the toys. I rearranged and colored everything, and I drew the stanchion in front and the background circle frame.


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