Humanitarian Campaign

Project Description

Creating a series of posters to raise awareness around a social / Humanitarian cause.


The purpose of this campaign is to increase awareness and eliminate the stereotypes toward women. Some people might connect women with things that are soft, fragile, and feminine. Those are stereotypes and they can’t fully describe women. Women can be energetic, strong, athletic, and more, they are varied.

The theme of this series of posters is “What are girls made of?” I choose Independence, Strength, and Passion. Usually, strength and passion are not an adjective that people would use to describe a woman, but I want people to know that women can also be strong and passionate about things they love.

I put a symbol of a female symbol, an arm, and a fire with a heart on each poster and put text on the path. The color combination and contrast are strong. Audiences don’t have to spend a lot of time comprehending it since the message is clear, it could leave a strong impression.

Instagram Post Project

Project Description

Create an Instagram post for a brand according to the original campaign.


Original campaign

Sakeru Gummy is a fruit-flavored rippled fruity strip candy with a peelable manner manufactured by the company UHA Mikakuto. The original Sakeru Gummy is an ordinary candy that comes in small bites. The extended product line “Long Sakeru Gummy” is 40 cm long and allows customers to peel it in whatever length they prefer.


In the beginning, I was focused on the aesthetic of the post so I tried to enrich it by using a combination of yellow and purple for the background. But then I realized that Advertisement campaigns are more than just creating an eye-catching ad, I have to focus on the product itself and how to connect the original commercial with this post and to attract customers. The purpose of creating advertisements is to raise awareness for and interest in your products or services. A successful ad is to make the features product stand out at first sight when people see the post.

Package Design Project

Project Description

For this project, we point out the problem of the current package design and redesign the package.


I researched the brand “Starburst”. Their current package design contains outdated graphics and color combinations which made their product less appealing to the public. I don’t think the current package design looks attractive to customers since the logo occupies a huge proportion of the design instead of the product itself. Therefore I came up with three new designs for the brand.

In these designs, the logo was smaller and did not blend with the background. I also added images of actual fruits and juice to make the product look juicier and eye-catching.

Final design

▲the outcome of the final design.

▲versions of two other flavors.

Research Paper

Project Description

In this research paper, we need to analyze a poster on its background, historical information, and design style aspects.



This is a report about a poster designed by Art Chantry for “The Rocky Horror Show”. Punk was a brand new concept at that time that challenged the traditional rules. It is a significant work of Postmodernism and represents the energy of rebellion and anti-authoritarianism, which resonates with the energy of this musical.

Visual Quote Project

Project Description

For this project, we are required to choose a quote and develop three postcards concept. It could be photographic image or typography with line art. I decided to go with the quote “What you see in others exists in you”. This quote have specific connection with people so I added related image in my design.


In my first design, I want to emphasize “you”, so I am planning to use a picture with a crowd and highlight one of them, and the highlighted one is “you”.

For my second design, I decided to do two circle shapes overlapping each other. These circles represent “you” and “others”, and the overlapping part is what you have in common. The two circles will have their own color, and the part that is overlapped will be a mix of that two colors.

In the third design, I want to create a thinking bubble. Small bubbles come from two different corners and represent two different perspectives: you and others. These bubbles will eventually combine together and made a huge bubble in the center of the postcard. People have a different perspectives and they don’t show that, but they might have the same thoughts as we do, we are connected.

Final design

The first one is a lot different from my draft. I ended up using a picture of an eye to emphasize what you see in others. I cropped out an eye and placed the text above it to pretend that it was the eyelid.

The second one didn’t change much. I used red and blue for circles, purple for the overlapping part, and placed text on top of it. I chose a typeface with sharp lines to balance out since there are too many round shapes in this design.

I made a lot of changes to the third design as well because the draft I made cannot present what I have in my mind very well. I separated a sculpture into 4 pieces and added shadows to create an illusion. I place the text behind the sculpture to create layers.