Food Tasting Gala

here is a little video and a few pictures showing the food tasting gala my team and I had this past august. It was such a great night giving our guest a fine dining African fusion experience. Tickets started at $100 per person to $500 per person and I am happy to say that we complete sold out three weeks before the event. Our Instagram page @A.M.J Fusion caters to all events across the country.

Blown hot sugar

Wow. What an interesting thing to learn. On our second week back in class after working on royal icing to use as borders for our fondant cakes we got to work with hot sugar. Blow sugar is used for so many showcases to show the art of sugar. We used this to make sugar fruit.


After a year of online classes I finally returned to campus and worked with fondant and gumpest for the first time on my first day. This was so exciting because I got to learn new techniques and work with different tools. I also got the chance to take some fondant and gumpest home to continue practicing on my work.