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Hospitality Management
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Hello my name is Adijatu Jalloh, however I prefer to go by just Adji for short. I am a culinary/hospitality major and I am very dedicated to cooking. I started cooking at such a young age that I became driven by my passion for food and learning about different cultural dishes . I spent my entire childhood and teenage years cooking, competing in cooking competitions, testing out different recipes, and working with a lot of influential chefs over the years such as chef Kerry Heffernan, chef Marcus Samuelesson, and Chef Matt Hoyle. I got into the professional kitchen at the age of 16 and worked my way up to Nobu. Although I am very much determined and dedicated to my work I do try to enjoy life to the fullest on my down time. I love to travel and enjoy exploring other cultures. I plan on visiting every continent in my lifetime and I have been making progress so far. I enjoy going out to eat with friends and family at least once per week to try out new restaurants around the city. I also enjoy planning events and although it is stressful at times it helps keep me occupied and focused.

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