Walt Disney World College Program Internship

Living, Learning, Earning

The Disney College Program is a one lifetime opportunity to discover new worlds, network with leaders, and enhance my resume. This unique program is offered to all college students to take advantage of the three dimensions they offer, which is Living, Learning and Earning. I feel very honored to have participated in this program, I expanded my horizons and learned new things.

Living was one of the best experiences Disney offered me during my time in Orlando. The Disney College Program provides housing to all participants. The complex I was living in was called Vista Way. I shared an apartment with 5 other participants,which I can call now my friends. I grew a special love for a few of them and made friendships that will last forever. The Learning aspect of the program also helped me experience living on my own for the first time.

One of the requirements to complete the Disney College Program and earn 12 credits as a full time student at City Tech, is to take two collegiate courses which Disney offers. The courses I took were Disney Organizational Leadership and Disney Advanced Studies in Hospitality Management. I figured these courses were very helpful for my career in the hospitality industry. Each course was 14 weeks long, once a week for 4 hours. We had assignments, quizzes, and projects due just like a regular college class. I learned a lot from both courses which I know I will apply for my future hospitality career.

Disney offered me a role as a Vacation Planner, this role consists of selling ticket media to guests, and helping them select the right fit tickets for their vacations. This role helped me get started in the Travel and Tourism industry, which is my concentration in the Hospitality Management department. In my role as a Vacation Planner, I was the first contact guests make when entering the Disney theme parks. My role was to share our knowledge of the Walt Disney World Resort with our guests. And as I said to help them find the best fit tickets for their vacation. Vacation planners are the starting point of a family’s magical journey to the Disney Theme Parks. We had to make sure they leave our ticket window satisfied with their tickets because that is the entrance to their whole vacation. As a Vacation Planner, I learned to deal with complicated guests at times. I learned how to handle guests’ objections, and how to answer their concerns. This role helped me develop a strong knowledge in sales and guest service.

I reported every second of my time in Disney. Here are a few journals I wrote during my time in Orlando.

Journal #1

Journal #2

Journal #6

Journal #10

Journal #13

Journal #14

Journal #15

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