Reflection 6: Design Process & Elizabeth Gilbert

At the beginning of class we spoke about the design process. How we receive an idea for a project and begin research. After we have completed our research we begin to sketch and get feedback about our ideas. From there the refinement process begins (i.e do layouts or comps in Photoshop, illustrator or etc.). After that it’s a good idea to step back from your work and when you’re ready come back and look at it with new eyes. Once you design is to your liking and specification it’s time for delivery.

We watched a Ted Talk from Stefan Sagmeister. He how despite age, race, gender, health and income most people according to research are reported similar results of  happiness. He came up with 7 rules for more happiness. In my opinion I mostly agreed with Sagmeister’s thoughts. I believe that we are all generally similar happy and that age, race, gender, and income don’t play a significant role in our happiness because we adapt well to our situations. Your born when your born, your race will stay your race. This makes it easy for people to adapt to their own living situation because you become accustomed to where you stand in life.

Also in our last class we watch a Ted Talk from Elizabeth Gilbert. She spoke a bit about her new book and how her newfound success has affected her life since the books release. The title of her book is “Eat, Pray, Love”. She started the talk by saying that artistry leads to anguish. I almost instantly understood what she meant. As i spoken about in class during our discussion, artist don’t have a set formula to follow. There is no right answer in art writing. You don’t know how people will react to your work.

She also spoke about creativity. She said that we should not take it all upon ourselves. She spoke about the Romans and how they believe that creativity was a spirit that came to you which they called a Genius. Gilbert later went on to say she adopted a similar mentality when writing her book, staring at the corner and saying to her “Genius” that’s she did her part and that she showed up. But now it’s the “Genius” turn to do the work.