Reflection #1

Assignment #1

            Our first day of class was very inciteful. I came to understand many aspects of the Graphic Design industry that I always wondered about but never learned in previous course. Some of these things we how to deal with fear, rejection, and etc. Having had my questions answered by a professional that’s currently working in the industry is extremely helpful.

            The first TED talk we watched was about doodling. I’ve always been a doodler myself but didn’t really understand why I doodled. But the TED talk helped inform that it was method for me to not lose focus of what I was learning in my classes and etc. Doodling combines visual, auditory, reading and writing, and kinesthetic learning and can also invoke emotion. Now I can look back at all my old notebooks dating back from middle school onward and finally understand the true meaning behind the doodles that I’ve drawn.

          The second TED talk from Chapp Kidd, was about clarity vs mystery and the visual vernacular. It really helped for me to understand how to simplify a message and make it complete and clear for a reader or viewer. Visual vernacular is taking something we see every day and applying to something else so we can see it differently. He also spoke about Useful Mystery vs Unuseful Mystery, for instance how the MTA subway display messages about train delays. There are better ways to display information where it is clear and concise and not confusing. What he teaches is something I’ve always thought about but never had a name for it. In my own words I believe what he really teaches is that you can say something clearly without over doing the design of it or “compartmentalizing.”

            Although I had a lot of my questions answered in class. There is one question I still have about Graphic Design is learn how to fairly price your work? How do you know how much your design, logo, or etc. is worth? How do you know if your overpricing or underselling?