Reflection #7

In class we talked about ad agencies vs graphic design agencies. Unfortunately I was late for the first 20 minutes of class and missed the beginning of the lecture. But from what I could gather from what i did here was that they are not completely the same. They are very similar but function differently.

The main differences from what i gathered are as follows. Advertising agencies create/design promotional material that help brands such as campaigns and of course ads. These campaigns are presented in what is called a Pitch. Multiple agencies will submits pitches to a company to get that account. And not always will those companies be paid for the pitch. On the other hand Graphic design agencies or firms, design the core of a brand. Examples include their logo, stationary and other key graphic components. If i’m not mistaken, a graphic design agency can/will design advertising as well.

We also watched a few videos about what it is like to be a graphic designer. One video showed a young man who wanted to be in the NBA. He realized his dream wouldn’t come true and found a career in graphic design with the help of his mom. He was encouraged by her because she remembered his illustration talents from a young age. He now helps to encourage future generation’s of graphic designers by attending/holding workshops for them to express their creativity and learn the principles that will help them in the future.