During this class Professor Rosen was not able to make it, however there was a substitute professor who taught the class for the day, and is a fellow professor who is part of the FYLC. The professor went over some details concerning the final exam and the sixth project of ENG 110, as well as testing the knowledge of the class regarding citing sources: the class received a perfect score of 10 out of 10. The in-class work required to write a reflection on the most recent project and students were told to write any concerns or questions about the last project, the paper was turned in to the professor who has scanned and sent them to professor Rosen. The final exam may potentially be moved to the 22nd of December because of certain circumstances, however do check for any updates on the final exam via Openlab. The sixth project of ENG 1101 will be a joint project with ADV 1100 any further details shall be posted on the Openlab site, so do keep a sharp eye.

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