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What I found the most difficult out of the project was finding a place that I could personally feel somewhat attached to and could write about as my personal New York. As for finding the Juxtaposition in the Metro tech area and that was pretty easy as many places easily felt out of place with Jay Street’s modern look. When it came down to it I found this project really fun, I was able to learn more about places that while a still familiar were still very foreign to me. Overall what I feel will need improvement is in quoting and using quotes as a means of support to my essays.

After reading the Boston photographs it has really expanded my way of seeing. The Boston Photograph talks about an incident in which a faulty fire escape caused the death of a mother, however this was only part of the main focus as a whole what mattered the most was the photojournalist who took the photograph as the mother and her child fell from the fifth floor luckily the child survived. Stanly Foreman, the photojournalist who took the photographs originally intended to take photographs of the fire fighters being heroic but instead captured the death of a woman, the newspaper later published the story along with the images. This in turn caused an argument between those who had issues with the newspaper showing the corpse of a dead woman while those who supported it argued that it’s part of Foreman’s job. While it is wrong I do have to agree with that it’s Foreman’s job to bring these photographs to the public, while his true intentions weren’t to show the death of a woman rather show civil workers being heroic, Foreman did however show that photojournalism is very powerful. The reason I say it is very powerful is because images can more than often evoke more emotion than simple words, after all a photograph says a thousand words.