My route leads from the Jay Street Metrotech station all the way over to the Dekalb train station. Yesterday I had made this walk during the rain with another classmate but I forgot my camera and the experiences will somewhat differ this walk.

Our trip starts off from the Jay Street Metrotech station near college, the one which has the A,C,F and R train lines. Exit from there, make a left ,walk a little in that direction and walk on to Myrtle Avenue, from there walk straight on to the park area. While walking there will be many people walking in and out from restaurants, cafe’s, fast food joints, and another thing you might be able to see is workers setting up the christmas adornments for the holidays. While walking you will definitely be able to encounter some works of art that were donated by people and a statue of a realistic dog that may just fool you from afar. After walking for a bit you will see a street with a unique kind of road that is circular unlike most straight roads, from there make a left on on Myrtle and continue walking straight. As you walk you will be behind the entrance of a tunnel, continue walking and you will find a set of building that are rather out place, a catholic church and what appears to be two residential areas. During heavy rain like yesterday these three building look even more special with the catholic church having an appearance similar to that of wet gouache paint. After walking you will make a left on Dufflefield street.
WARNING: If you have suffered from anything similar to an epileptic Seizure or even anything triggered by quickly flashing bright lights. DO NOT LOOK AT THE TELEVISION SCREENS, I REPEAT DO NOT LOOK AT THE TELEVISION SCREENS.

Go straight for a bit until you spot the chase building don’t worry you can go in, if you suffer from anything triggered by quickly flashing light do not go into the building and walk past it. If you do go inside you’ll be greeted by many old television screens with many images that look like they belong in a music video or some kind of subliminal message in some kind of conspiracy movie, also you will most likely hear buzzing coming from the silent televisions. Now simply continue walking straight until you come across a car wash offering 5$ print out discounts, you can also see some pretty neat cubes as you walk. Now make a right at the car wash and walk straight to eventually encounter LIU college which isn’t in Long Island. As you walk straight you’ll eventually come across the Dekalb train station, if you decide to walk some more you’ll come across more stores and eventually another train station with the 2,3,4 and 5 train lines.P1010722 P1010723 P1010724 P1010725 P1010726 P1010727 P1010728 P1010729 P1010730 P1010731 P1010732 P1010733 P1010734 P1010735 P1010736 P1010737 P1010738 P1010739 P1010740 P1010741 P1010742 P1010743 P1010744 P1010745 P1010746 P1010747 P1010748 P1010749 P1010750 P1010751 P1010752 P1010753 P1010754 P1010755 P1010756



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