HW for 11/5–library day (meet there!)

1) Finish the online library orientation (see link in assignment for 10/29).  

2) Write a paragraph consisting only of questions about your Essay 2 topic.  These can be all sorts of questions—both questions you think you can answer (and want to answer) using research and also questions that are rhetorical or which you have no intent of answering.  

    Post this series of questions here and bring it with you to the Library on Tuesday.  This is where our class will be held—meet us outside the library on the (4th floor of the Atrium (glass roofed) building.  


EX: Why do some people think that violent video games make people more violent in real life?  Do they think gamers identify too much with the characters and roles they play when gaming? What other theories might there be of how a violent video game could make someone more violent in reality?  Are there theories that propose the opposite—that violent video games might make people LESS violent in real life? What do psychologists say about violent video games? Is there psychoanalytic theory that might help explain the effects of violent video games?  Do computer scientists and game designers have answers to any of these questions? What role does mental illness play in the video-game-violence question? What role does mental illness play in the gaming community more broadly? Is gaming itself a kind of therapy—or could it also be a kind of illness in itself?

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    What are memes? How did memes come about? Are memes beneficial for us? What is the correct way to pronounce “meme”? Can anyone make a meme? Where do meme images comes from? Are internet memes a new Fad? What were some of the earliest memes? Do copyright laws apply to memes? Can a business use meme creation as a marketing tactic? Who was the first person to make a meme? Are memes as controversial as some people say they are? Are people actually offended by memes? Do people actually think memes are worth it? What would happen if memes were to be banned forever?

  2. Why do some people think  american dream is not possible?  Is there income inequality ? Do they think only middle class and rich can achieve success? What other factor  might limit someone american dream ? What do people say about  the american dream ? Is there a way to be successful ?   Do you think the american dream is dead ? What role does society  play in the american dream? Is there Social mobility problem in america, how can we restore the American Dream ? is poverty a factor in achieving the american dream? Is poverty affecting the american dream? what percent of people achieved the american dream?Why Is The Middle Class Diminishing? What can the government do ?

  3. Why is the death penalty even a thing? Why do people think enforcing the death penalty would solve issues as far as crime in society? Why is it politicians believe that this is some sort of math equation and you can get a positive out of 2 negatives? Why do lawmakers believe giving very bad criminals the easy way out is the best thing to do? Why do some states believe that the death penalty would reduce murder rates? Why would anyone believe that its worse for a criminal to lose their life then be Locked up in a cell for the rest of their lives? Why would the government add more grieving and sadness by taking an extra life to help close a murder case?

  4. What is violence?is violence gentrified? what causes violence towards video games? do women also cause violence due to video games? does rage have a reason behind the violence? how many types of violence are there? is video game violence only domestical? How can people prevent rage or domestic violence due to video games? is violence taught? can uncontrollable violence be considered a mental disorder? what are the statistics of violence being connected to violent videogames? have some used video games as an excuse for their violence? is violence in video games justified? is the justification in video games make it okay to be violent in real life? what does it mean to break a law in video games compared to real life?

    What is a rated – R movie? What are the different ratings that a movie can get? Who decides what’s the rating of a movie? Why do these ratings exist? Are these ratings the only thing that determines who can watch movies? How could a Rated – R movie affect a child? Can children be really influenced by these movies? Why does it affect them? Watching these movies should be  up to the child or the parent? Why are these movies even created? Can be the movies itself be affected by it’s rating? How can a +18 rating affect the performance of a movie? Are there any Rated – R movies that a child is actually able to watch? How does a parent know if its right to let their child to watch one of these movies? Should rating be taken as the final factor to determine if a child should watch the movie?

  6. What is police brutality? why does police brutality exist? what are the psychological effects of police brutality? who are the people effected most by police brutality? what kind of punishment is applied to those who commit police brutality? what kind of punishment does police brutality have for others? is police brutality something that goes with racism? if so , why is racism still a problem? Is the reason that racism is still alive because, racist actually think that there is an actual difference between white’s and black’s, besides their color of skin?will racism or police brutality for the matter ever be abolished? If so, when? what is the jail time for Police brutality for officer’s and for regular people?

  7. What is police brutality? Is police brutality towards a group of people? What is considered police brutality? Do people provoke police brutality? What group of people are mostly attacked by police brutality? Will there ever be an end to police brutality? Does a certain race of police commit police brutality? Is there a psychological cause of police brutality? How many cases of police brutality is there? Is police brutality really unfair? Do police officers get punished for police brutality- if so what are their punishments ?



    Can social media be addictive? Is social media really a problem? Is there a way to prevent cyber bullying? How does social media affect our mental health outside of depression? Is There a healthy limit of social media ? Could the bad effects of social media be the users fault? Is the user using social media for a good reason ? What are the reasons we use social media? Why do we use social media, knowing it can have bad effects on us ? 

  9. Are you addicted to social media? Why is social media addiction a problem ? Do you use social media to forget about personal problems ? Do you often try to reduce your use of social media without success? Why do you think people are addicted to social media? In what way does social media benefit you? How did the addiction of social media begging? Do you believe teachers contribute to students addiction to social media?

  10. What are video games? Are they really just a source of entertainment?Do they change one’s characteristics  based off the role they play in game? What is defined as a violent act in a video game? Is harming a bad guy in a video game considered violent? How would this sort of action even change the players interaction with people in real life? Hasn’t everyone played a game Atleast once in their life or seen a game being played? Does the thought of killing then cross their minds?

  11. Why do some people think video games are violent? Are video games one of the most common hobby kids, adults do today? Do video games have an influence on people of today’s world? What did the leader of the free world say about video games after the two tragedies that happened recently? Should we find the right balance and limits for children when playing video games? Do video games have benefits?

  12. What is climate change?  How are climate change happening?  How climate change and global worming are connected?  Who is making climate change?  What are they way to stop climate change? How first climate are changing?  What’s people opinion about climate change?  Why climate change is a problem?  Is the sun causing making global warming? Does scientists agree on climate change?  What is the greenhouse effect?Do we have to stop burning fossil fuels? How does palm oil contribute to climate change? Why the see level are rising? How can social media played important rule to reduce climate change? Does climate change should needed more action right now in the United States? 




  13. What is gun violence? How is gun violence a serious issue in the United States? What rights does the 2nd amendment give to people?  Why do people think that they need firearms for their protection? What are the risks of having a gun in the house? Why does people feel threatened in the presence of firearms? How does gun violence impact people education or health care? What are the consequences of gunshots? How does gun violence relate to police brutality? Are the school shootings are cause of gun violence? What are the other things government blames for school shootings rather than blaming gun violence? Should our government be more concerned about gun violence? How does gun violence effect the younger generation? How is gun violence a serious threat to our society? Should us (people) also be concerned about gun violence?

  14. What is violence? What are video games? What is the correlation between the two? Is there even any correlation between the two? Is there any proof that video games are the cause of violence? If someone gets angry at the game, are they considered a violent person? Is it just video games? Even if video games are a cause of violence, is that the end of the conversation? Do other forms of media contribute to “violence,” as much as video games? Why video games?

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