HW for Thu 10/31

Read Duca’s “The Viral Virus” in Packet I.  Complete the library orientation if you haven’t already (see links in HW for Tue 10/29).  Finish revising your Essay 2 article summary and post it here.  See the attached example of a creative & critical summary for help.  Make sure your summary includes:
—-at least 2 different signal verbs
—-1 quotation.
—-a creative response to the article
—-a critical response or question about the article

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  1. In a chapter of a blog post titled violent video games, rape acceptance, and negative attitude towards women, self published author Karen E Dill Shackleford argues against parents and their beliefs of the government has no rights to protect children from violent video games. Shackle Ford stated that if we cannot rely on the government or parents to monitor their children game playing then what is there to do about the violence. Shackle Ford suggested that violent video games should be monitored by going into detail about video games like Grandtheft Auto San Andreas and BMXXXX. After going into details about the video games she provided the statistics of rape in our societies most studies show that a woman has a 15 to 25% chance of being raped in a lifetime. I believe that the way women are portrayed in games can cause real life violence but the kind of abuse it sells isn’t just domestic. How far will it go ? 

  2. From the New York Times article titled  “Is the American dream now a myth? “ By Nicholas D.Kristof argue the dream has changed and people are finding their dream elsewhere, in places like Canada and Europe. According to Kristof  the American dream has  been derailed, mainly because of  inequality in America, he also said   US middle class are  no longer becoming the richest in the world, and that other nation like Canada and Other countries in Europe has taken that place. You would think that America  might have a more opportunity for people, then in Europe and in Canada, but instead is not, when I was a child, I used to think that immigrant came to America looking for  better quality of life and to change  their social class, From poor to middle class,or middle class to wealthy,because  America was known as the land of opportunity. Kristof states, ” a child born in the bottom 20 percent economically is less likely to rise to the top in the US than in Europe. From DoSomething.org,  it said children living in lower class are   1.3 times more likely to have  reading deficiency because their basic  need are not being  fulfilled they  hardly ever get  opportunity compared  to  other children who are living in the middle or the upper class,  because of this  their  likely to drop out of school, to find  job that pays the bills.

  3.  In a featured article by karen sternheimer called “Do Video Games kill?”,karen argues against the fact that video games causes violence and is not the main reasoning behind school shootings and other criminal activities among young people.The press and politicians however seem to have a very stern understanding that violent video games are indeed the cause for violence among teenagers and that these violent games train youngsters to “kill people”.Karen reveals, that not only do video games benefit the economy extremely they are widely used by everyone not only teenagers.The Media proposed in 1993 after a school shooting that the video game Doom,which consists of a protagonist who fights off invading demons from hell,was the cause of this event.However Karen states that “ In the ten years following Doom’s release, homicide arrest rates fell by 77 percent among juveniles” and that this was not the cause of school shootings.
    Karen criticizes that the media has created a scapegoat that video games should be focused as the main issue as to why school shootings happen and overall criminal behavior involving teens.There is concrete evidence that truly shows violent video games have ever been the cause of any school shootings.
    With all that said,I do not think violent video games are the cause of school shootings or violent acts of teenagers.Although I do agree that it causes some aggression not to the extent where you would think to yourself it’s right to pick up a AR-15 and go on a killing spree just because you see it in a game.Everyone should know the consequences of doing such a thing and would be out of their mind to carry out such a insane idea.

  4. In march 2010 the website dedicated to scientific research and coverage on press releases sciencedaily.com published an article covering the results on an investigation about the effects that rated-R movies have on children specially focusing on the likelihood of increasing the alcohol consumption in named children. The article covers the research of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism which was conducted by James D. Sargent, MD, a pediatrician at Dartmouth Medical School. He claims that when children watch a rated – R movie they create  a “sensation seeking tendency, which makes adolescents more prone to engage in all sorts of risky behaviors”. He defines the sensation seeking as a children looking for different sensations,  feelings or experiences that they are not supposed to be experimenting with, this includes being involved in risky behaviors such as drinking alcohol clearly is.
    Since the effects of a movie in a teen doesn’t change with time, the date of the experiment and its results don’t affect this research. This said, I must say that at the same time that I believe that movies can influence our children in significant levels, I also believe that the blame is not to be given to rated – R movies alone because since children are susceptible to all kinds of ideas as they grow, they can be easily corrupted by other sensation seeker to participate in some risky behavior. The article recalls James D. Sargent’s words saying that “they (sensation seekers) hang around other high sensation seekers, who are also engaging in risky behaviors, so there is less room for movies to make a difference in their risk for alcohol use”. The essence of this argument is that movies are not the only factor affecting the alcohol consuming in childrens and that their friends are an important factor too. The research also pointed for two types of sensation seekers these being high and low sensation seekers, as expected low sensation seekers are more susceptible to behave like a high sensation seeker after watching a rated – R movie. This keeps the debate going on whether children should watch these movies or not, even though all the proofs  in the article indicate that is a bad idea when to allow them when considering if the children is a high or low sensation seeker is what defines if he/she is able to watch the movie without negative effects.

    Finally, I am convinced that is up to the parent to decide if their children are able to watch a rated – R movie without being negatively affected, even if by taking the research into consideration this meant that the kid is a high sensation seeker. But even them, I believe that the determining factor should come for the mental maturity that the parents recognize on the child instead of determining if your child is at high risk or low which could be really hard for some parents that could instead be talking to the child to determine if he/she is mature enough to watch a person drinking alcohol without imitating him.

  5. In the article “the viral Virus,” Lauren Duca suggests that listicles not only notify the reader about certain aspects of human behavior that doesn’t apply to them but also lets area of the population feel a sense comfort knowing they’re not alone. For example she gives a couple article names like “ 10  things only left handed people will understand.” It both intrigues the right-handed population in a way that makes them wonder, what can they do that I can’t?. It also lets the left handed population feel a sense of excitement and belonging knowing someone else experiences the same thing.

  6. In the intriguing and captivating article, “Why do memes matter? A look at the good, the dank,  and the viral” YP cadet Iris Duong argues as to why memes matter. She asks her friends around the world, “Oh, you think memes are ruining the way we communicate as a generation?” Duong wants us to share our opinions on this, go into dept and debunk the questions she proposed. Anyways, in her article she goes into the dept of the purpose of memes and how they not only have a major impact on shaping our language, culture and beliefs, but our society as a whole. She gives many examples on how memes serve many purposes and etc. “Memes can be formed by appropriating scenes or lines from TV shows and movies, which are then taken out of context, remixed with other content and have new meanings attributed to them in a funny and relatable manner. Meme content can range from complaining about the hardships of being a college student, to expressing embarrassment felt during an encounter in a person’s daily life – something that everyone is able to sympathise with”. In this article, Duong goes further into depth of the whole craze for memes. There are a lot of debates and opinions regarding the topic. But we know she 100% agrees that memes are good and benefit us. Memes makes us laugh, brings us closer together as a society and I can wholeheartedly say, it is the one thing left in generation today that’s not so bad. This is just my opinion though, because like I said previously, it’s a debatable topic.

  7. How is Earth’s sea ice faring in our warming world? Climate change is one of the problems that impact our environment and because of that the earth is becoming warmer and it making global warming. The cause of global warming is the increasing quantity of greenhouses graces in our atmosphere produced by human activities. According to the Newsela “Emissions would need to stop or almost stop burning coil” My own view is that we may have to stop burning coil in order to save our world. Some of the things we can do to decrease the level of climate change is using less energy and water. Make the hashtag to reduce the level of climate change and they grate way we can do this with social media. #StopGlobalWarmingBySocialMedia. The reason for making this hashtag is everybody support the social media and everybody past there most of the time in the social media. Aa a example Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat etc. So it will be easy to give people information that what it happening and what could happen in the future because of the climate change.

  8. Gun violence is a serious issue in the United States.It has bad impacts on our society, community, country. It effects our younger generation.Gun violence causes a lot of deaths each year.But it feels like we are doing next to nothing to stop it.Our government isn’t concerned about gun violence as much as they are concerned about younger generation playing video games.Gun violence leads to a lot of serious issue that are going on right now ex:Police Brutality.In an article called” A fighting chance ” published by Elizabeth Warren . She stated that ” We lose eight children and teenagers to gun violence every day. If a mysterious virus suddenly started killing eight of our children everyday America would mobilize teams of Doctors and public health officials to find a way to protect our children. But not with gun violence”. I think this statement expresses exactly what i am exactly trying to say. Our government are not doing anything to prevent deaths caused by gun violence. Gun violence cause school shooting which took lives of many students. These students are our future and we lost them to gun violence. And instead doing something about gun violence our government started to blame other things that has nothing to do with these school shootings. I think people and the government should be more cautious about gun violence and hopefully we can prevent it.

  9. “Researchers at the Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford, have found no relationship between aggressive behavior in teenagers and the amount of time spend playing violent video games.” In the article, “Violent video games found not to be associated with adolescent aggression,” two Universities came together to try to find an answer. The lead researcher Professor Andrew Przybylski claims the idea that video games has been discussed plenty, but hasn’t been studied enough. He claimed that data on previous studies had not been properly demonstrated as they were mainly using the perspective of teenagers. However for his study he relied of both teenagers and their parents, for a broader perspective on the picture. Research was draw from over 2,000 subjects, teenagers aged 14 and 15. These teenagers were randomly chosen, and included both females and males. The data received was from based on recent aggressive behaviors on the past month, where violent content from games were played. The measure for violence was based on the ESRB rating system, which is basically standard for every game. The teenagers and the parents both had to fill out a survey based on their or their child’s gaming experience. From the survey, it was found that video games do not have effect on teenage behavior, or at least not a noticeable amount. This includes any anti-social speculation. Irrelevant but that may come from some gamers being introverted. But perhaps it’s more likely that introverted people find video games fun, more so than video games making people introverted. The research was well performed, and was handled the right way. However it was done in Britain, and I wonder if the results will vary depending on the location of the teenagers. Maybe the culture of gaming is less competitive in some particular regions. Regardless the article covered a study covered by two universities, which proved that video games do not cause violence. 

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