The Studio

I am a writer and artist living in New York City.  I attend New York City College of Technology, studying Communication Design. I identify as LGBTQ+, and am an advocate, and also for human rights, inter and intrasectionality.

My main creative project is Gabriel’s World, a Thriller/Queer Fiction series. My experience includes teaching college (critical thinking, law, religion, adult education, business, and philosophy), freelance journalism, communications, sentence mitigation, employment law, and human rights advocacy. I’m experienced in public speaking and presentations, and working with LGBTQ+ youth. More about my background can be found here.

In art, I believe in both the Hindu concept of rasa, finding transcendent emotional connection in artistic works, and also using art as a form of social justice (similar to that done by Soraida Martinez with Verdadism).

Welcome to the site.

[The images on the Home Page are photos taken by me, or are drawings of mine. The photos are primarily from NYC Museums, and shown under the aegis of fair use for educational and criticism purposes].

Alex Fiano

Alex Fiano

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