Like the wind getting caught between my proverbial wings, sailing the clouds and the wind currents. I only say I am sailing because how i feel in my place in this company, industry and my career.

Now, I didn’t say ‘smooth’ sailing – it’s a rough sport, actually. There’s a lot of rocking of the boat side to side, back and forth. Untamed waves that hit hard at times. And many different pieces of the boat that need to be maintained along the ride.

So what is it to me – I found that life is sailing, as explained by Dame Ellen MacAurther, a yachtswomen, who holds the record for the fastest solo-circumnavigation around the globe, in a recent TED Talk (June 29th). What I got most from that talk is that we will never have full control over any situation and often that my make us feel isolated – mind you this women was, at times, 2000 miles from the nearest coffee shop (or anything other than salt water).

What I realize interning at Maxima apparel and working in the fashion industry is that a feeling of isolation is temporary and often doesn’t last. Collaboration is key in any industry, while working alone creates those feelings of isolation, we as creatives, see it as a golden opportunity to express ourselves fully. But that is only half the battle.

Like MacAuther that expression was through her solo excursion around the world. As often as she was alone she always did things in efforts to have longer term effects. Isolation often means you have to be resourceful. She knew she would be the only one to depend on and critique her routine in order to survive.

As a creative, I found that this is true. Resourcefulness as an individual is key. Working toward a goal in the dark isn’t enough. Because resources can be scarce, naturally we ration what is left, because a situation may be difficult, naturally we ration that in the same way. What has to happen is an execution of ideas (i.e. sailing, or designing). Even when that is done, you can believe if you want that you won’t have to leave your isolated zone. But we are humans – you’ll go crazy! Ultimately your resourcefulness will involve all those who you have worked with in the past and who you will be able to express yourself with in the future.

What I learned from my time interning at Maxima and what MacAurther has expressed, is that you may want to be alone to work on those great ideas, but ultimately you must express those ideas to others with the same passion as you had when creating it.

People usually don’t get the roses while they can still smell them.