Higher Than A Mother F*%@#r

So, lately, I have been feeling like I am walking on air. Everyday provides a breath of fresh air. I am fulfilling my smallest desires as I journey toward the biggest dreams I have ever had. I feel the energy of the universe syncing with my own.

I am elevating my abilities, my awareness, and even my dialogue. You ever had a feeling you were unstoppable – yeah, that.

I realize that the best things that happen to you in life are the things you may be paying the least attention to. There is always someone watching, and those who do usually seldom do it. This is where you as an individual have to always be working – on yourself and on your craft. People attract to your energy, your willingness to accomplish, and succeed.

As we grow as individuals we are unaware of whats ahead, and even with the right advice, we tend to fall into the same issues along the way. That doesn’t mean we are failing, it means we are trying, doing, and ultimately going to succeed. Don’t give in when things are slow or terrible. Build yourself up to handle what is given, and be open to the idea that this may just be a test and not your eternal fate.

This is beyond interning, even beyond looking for a job. We have to develop every aspect of our lives in order to become – not perfect – complete individuals who are capable, ready, and willing to succeed. We should be willing to conquer any task and doing it with the same passion as for the things you love. Thats how you succeed in school, at work, and in life.