Anderley’s internship journey

Hi my name is Anderley Fequiere A senior at city Tech and I am expecting to graduate on fall 2021 God willing and throughout this journey of finding an internship I have suffered many pitfalls dead replies scams and having to redo my bank account before the class even started here I am searching for my dream jobs which are concept art positions which I for one want to become because of the skills I’ve grown and matured throughout the whole school semesters before and I believe I am well fit in capable for the job so with that being said I listen to what My professor told me by signing up for a webinar which my first webinar was illustration isolation and I met someone who is in Hiro’s Studios who told me the difference between a concept artist and a illustrator and the big difference was a concept artist basically is getting pulled in multiple directions until the art director and the company that the art directors working with are OK with it whereas the illustrator finishes in polish is what the concept ours is made and sometimes you get both positions if you’re lucky that’s what he said to me and in all honesty I didn’t know the difference between concept artist and an illustrator till that moment because I was always under the impression that they took you drop the whole process but there’s people who do the sketches for the characters then they break it down and send it to an illustrator and once the illustrator is done with the coloring and what not and adding the lights sometimes if they want to add extra touch to it they have someone who’s a lighting specialist who deals with lighting and that to me is amazing it’s kind of a part of the workflow that my professor mentioned for businesses and it All together makes sense because pushing all the work on one artist can be taxing especially in my experience of trying to draw a comic book for myself and also rendering characters which is why when I was told trying to find out our internship is kind of hard during this time I agreed because it takes a lot of time for them to except you and you would have to do it before hand in order to even get a footing especially if you’re looking for a spring internship close deadline so I decided to to switch gears and go for poster designs for now because I like doing posters but I like doing illustrations more so than poster design because illustration allows more of my personality and creativity to extend out not that there is no way to express yourself through text but to me I feel like illustration is a lot stronger of a love for me. The next webinar I did was a Wacom webinar series with Jose Vega, he showed how he went about the different perceptions of lighting and how he built his background using elements of 3-D modeling and pretty much compositing in Photoshop as well since his main way of work is true to photoshop which inspires me as an illustrator to study light more and also 3-D so that I can appropriately re-create realistic lighting in my images as best as I possibly can. Now we move on ahead to the main things which were me getting my résumé fixed up to the best of my ability and resending it to the Jobs I sent it to before so that it could update the way they see me in the process of hiring as a means to show growth. Now that we’ve reached midterms I’ve decided to apply for NYPIRG since it would be an option that I know I could get hired for from what the professors told me and it would improve on my work experience in the art field so now I wait for the recruiter to respond with me this next coming week.

Anderley’s Bio

My name is Anderley Fequiere and I am graphic design artist here In CityTech. I was born in Jamaica hospital and grew up around my sister who loved art and drawing then after a while i fell in love with drawing since always watched Disney movies, 4kids tv, and all kinds of animations that aired on tv while I was young. When I to Highschool thats when I began to start my dream of drawing and going heavy into art. I am now in City Tech with my major being Communication Design and improving all my art muscles.

design journal

monochromatic: containing or using only one color.

Source : 

My definition : involves the use of one color

Example : Image result for monochromatic

Analogous Colors: Analogous color schemes often mimic the color schemes found in our natural environment and can create a calm and relaxed feel when applied in design.

Source :

My definition : Analogous colors are colors that utilize  up to 3  or more colors that are complements, and are adjacent to each other.

Example : 
Image result for analogous complementary definition

Triad : The Triadic color scheme is aptly named as it consists of three colors that are spaced evenly around the color wheel; when the colors are linked by a straight line, they form a triangle.

Source :

My definition: a color scheme that utilizes colors that are lined up to create the shape of a triangle.

Example : 

Image result for triadic definition

Tetrad: A color scheme arrangement derived from the color wheel that contains four colors.

Source :

My definition:any four colours which are equidistant on the colour wheel that form a rectangle shape.

Example : Image result for tetrad art definition


Design journal quest

Prismatic color

Image result for Prismatic color,

muted color

Image result

achromatic gray and chromatic gray

Image result for achromatic gray

additive color

Image result


subtractive color

Image result

Bezold effect

Image result

and color interaction

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