Anderley’s Bio

My name is Anderley Fequiere and I am graphic design artist here In CityTech. I was born in Jamaica hospital and grew up around my sister who loved art and drawing then after a while i fell in love with drawing since always watched Disney movies, 4kids tv, and all kinds of animations that aired on tv while I was young. When I to Highschool thats when I began to start my dream of drawing and going heavy into art. I am now in City Tech with my major being Communication Design and improving all my art muscles.

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monochromatic: containing or using only one color.

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My definition : involves the use of one color

Example : Image result for monochromatic

Analogous Colors: Analogous color schemes often mimic the color schemes found in our natural environment and can create a calm and relaxed feel when applied in design.

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My definition : Analogous colors are colors that utilize  up to 3  or more colors that are complements, and are adjacent to each other.

Example : 
Image result for analogous complementary definition

Triad : The Triadic color scheme is aptly named as it consists of three colors that are spaced evenly around the color wheel; when the colors are linked by a straight line, they form a triangle.

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My definition: a color scheme that utilizes colors that are lined up to create the shape of a triangle.

Example : 

Image result for triadic definition

Tetrad: A color scheme arrangement derived from the color wheel that contains four colors.

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My definition:any four colours which are equidistant on the colour wheel that form a rectangle shape.

Example : Image result for tetrad art definition


Design journal quest

Prismatic color

Image result for Prismatic color,

muted color

Image result

achromatic gray and chromatic gray

Image result for achromatic gray

additive color

Image result


subtractive color

Image result

Bezold effect

Image result

and color interaction

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