Journal Entry Seven

I could not attend any events at the company nor really meet anyone face to face as everybody is remotely working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, I did have one phone call with one of the two bosses of VRR Media Productions. He is the only one which I could kind of say is a mentor, but he only taught me things that weren’t really related to the actual work that I was doing. It was more of the background process or minor steps that I should be mindful while working on a project such as organization and writing things down so it could be passed down to future interns.

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Journal Entry Six

I will be self-evaluating my performance for my first assigned project. Going into this internship, I wanted to make a good impression and have a great start. I put a lot of effort into the first project by getting creative and fancy. I used tools that most designers may not have access to such as Trapcode and used my knowledge to create a beautiful animated 3D background. However, I did run into trouble trying to figure out how to accomplish the tasked that was assigned. I was given a reference and I did my best to replicate it, but I could not achieve the results that I wanted. The reference had many pictures in a 3D animated word, but I was only able to get one picture which made it look a bit unpleasing. No matter what I did I could not achieve the results that I wanted, but thankfully the supervisor loved it and wanted me to continue on with what I was doing.

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Journal Entry Five

There was only  one collaborative project that I have worked on during my internship. I was assigned the task to create short video clips from a long interview. Those clips had the purpose of being highlights to get attention and spread awareness of the issue that was being addressed in the interview. There are about five people working on this project as there was the person who was in charge of sound editing, someone creating the intro, someone managing the social media accounts where these clips would go on and me plus the supervisor. I just communicated with them via email as everybody is working remotely, but there wasn’t really anything successful about it since there are delays waiting on each other to check emails and reply.

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Journal Entry Four

There are only a few new things that I have learnt on the job as mostly everything else is just a repeat from what is taught from school. The first thing is how much importance there is when it comes to properly naming conventions. The second thing is creating a text file to go with the video file and listing out many steps, processes, what the video is used for, etc. On another note, I am not performing any clerical duties as my hands are full of tackling on the tasks that are given to me that require my full attention such as working on motion design projects or video editing projects. My typical day on the internship though is jump straight into the work or if I am starting a new project, then I research a bit, gather the resources, then get into work with my creativity.

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Journal Entry Three

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, I cannot truly experience the culture of my workplace as I am remotely working from home. However, I would say that the attire is informal because I dress very casually in a t-shirt and shorts while I work. I do not know much about the typical employee work station, but my work station is just at my desk with two monitors where one of them is extremely wide and another monitor is the standard one which could be found normally at any workplace. As for the typical employee workday, the hours are from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM, but interns have flexible schedules. However, I always get my lunch on time around 1:00 PM without fail.

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Journal Entry Two

I currently have two roles at VRR Media Production where I am both a video editor and a motion designer. My supervisor name is Christina Fitzpatrick and I selected this internship because the other internships that I applied to haven’t gotten back to me quickly enough. Also, I had a sense of urgency so I decided to just intern for VRR Media production for the summer of 2020 as it was my internship professor who recommended it to me. As for the interview process, it was over the phone due to the current COVID-19 pandemic and it was one on one. It was very short in the sense that I was only asked when I was available to start. I was somewhat surprised as I expected to be asked more questions or have a longer interview, but thankfully I now have a intern position with VRR Media Productions.

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Journal Entry One

For the summer of 2020, I am currently interning for a company called VRR Media Productions. It is a small private company that was founded in 2016 which consist of ten to twenty employees including interns and is located in Succasunna, New Jersey. The company’s primary business is video production where it has currently two TV shows. On the other hand, the company’s target audience, customer and/or clients are primary people who are facing a difficult time in life whether that it is battling depression or any other negative aspect of life. I work in the video department and help out with creating short video clips for their social media. Lastly, since VRR Media Productions is a small company, it hasn’t had any articles on the company itself.

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Ethics Assignment – Entry 2

2a. The readings that have been assigned to me have changed my perspective on my own design work. In the past while I was creating work in high school or my early years in college, I may not have taken into consideration in giving credit when using other people’s work. However, I have slowly come to learn about giving due credit where it is deserve such as saying what music I have used when creating music video or montages. I have also recently asked for permission to use an artist’s music where I had to go through the artist and their signed label, too.

2b. I believe what Shepard Fairey did was wrong. He should have gotten permission from Mannie Garcia and the Associated Press’ permission before using and editing the photograph. If he wanted to use that photo or any other photo and it wasn’t something he captured on his own, then the first thing he should have done is get permission or license. Despite the purpose of what he was trying to achieve with the image, one thing for sure that he and other designers should do first when it comes to using work that isn’t their is getting permission regardless of how tedious it may be.

Case Study on Fair Use and Fair Dealing: The Hope Poster Litigation –

Shepard Fairey Is Fined and Sentenced to Probation in ‘Hope’ Poster Case –

Burst.shopify –

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Ethics Assignment – Entry One

1a. Two highly recommended books to read for designers is The AIGA Design and Business guide. The benefits that designers would get from doing doing so would be priceless. It helps with all sorts of issues ranging from ethical and professional whether its dealing with themselves or their clients. There are three specific sections; copyright, illustrations, and photography. In these sections, it explains about properly crediting work from fellow designers, obtaining copyright licenses from authors, illustrators, photographers and intellectual property rights. These guides have given me more knowledge about what I should do with my designs when working with video, giving due credit and working with clients in the far future.

When I am doing the work designated to me in my internship, my supervisor has shared with me a google drive which has access to all of the items I might need to work with throughout this internship such as the images, logos, etc. If I ever needed to use an image of my own for an assignment, then I would browse websites that have royalty free images to use.

1b. Before beginning my internship, I had to sign a non-disclosure agreement for my internship. As a consequence, I have to take certain precautions  when writing my journal for the internship class. For example, I cannot specifically say any names or what the purposes are for and I cannot show projects that have been assigned and completed by me.

AIGA Design Business and Ethics :



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CDMG 1150 D338 Powerpoint Presentation


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