Ethics Assignment – Entry 2

2a. The readings that have been assigned to me have changed my perspective on my own design work. In the past while I was creating work in high school or my early years in college, I may not have taken into consideration in giving credit when using other people’s work. However, I have slowly come to learn about giving due credit where it is deserve such as saying what music I have used when creating music video or montages. I have also recently asked for permission to use an artist’s music where I had to go through the artist and their signed label, too.

2b. I believe what Shepard Fairey did was wrong. He should have gotten permission from Mannie Garcia and the Associated Press’ permission before using and editing the photograph. If he wanted to use that photo or any other photo and it wasn’t something he captured on his own, then the first thing he should have done is get permission or license. Despite the purpose of what he was trying to achieve with the image, one thing for sure that he and other designers should do first when it comes to using work that isn’t their is getting permission regardless of how tedious it may be.

Case Study on Fair Use and Fair Dealing: The Hope Poster Litigation –

Shepard Fairey Is Fined and Sentenced to Probation in ‘Hope’ Poster Case –

Burst.shopify –

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