Ethics Assignment – Entry One

1a. Two highly recommended books to read for designers is The AIGA Design and Business guide. The benefits that designers would get from doing doing so would be priceless. It helps with all sorts of issues ranging from ethical and professional whether its dealing with themselves or their clients. There are three specific sections; copyright, illustrations, and photography. In these sections, it explains about properly crediting work from fellow designers, obtaining copyright licenses from authors, illustrators, photographers and intellectual property rights. These guides have given me more knowledge about what I should do with my designs when working with video, giving due credit and working with clients in the far future.

When I am doing the work designated to me in my internship, my supervisor has shared with me a google drive which has access to all of the items I might need to work with throughout this internship such as the images, logos, etc. If I ever needed to use an image of my own for an assignment, then I would browse websites that have royalty free images to use.

1b. Before beginning my internship, I had to sign a non-disclosure agreement for my internship. As a consequence, I have to take certain precautions  when writing my journal for the internship class. For example, I cannot specifically say any names or what the purposes are for and I cannot show projects that have been assigned and completed by me.

AIGA Design Business and Ethics :



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