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Scavenger Hunt

This photo has is a great composition that has a fantastic rule of thirds and is at eye level. The black box on the locker is contrast to the gold lock color and the vertical lines on the side of … Continue reading

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My goals for the campaign are to showcase the cars speed, while also showing the electric cord and how it is the most important feature of the car. I selected Clint Clemons as my favorite photographer out of the three … Continue reading

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This is my best picture of the splash water assignment, because I love the gradient color of the water and It reminds me of a waterfall. Most of our picture didn’t have to much fall off effect but it would … Continue reading

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This picture I believe is the best composition of the negative campaign of pineapples because the picture has a feeling of being dark and mysterious. The picture has high contrast between the light and the object. The silouette shows that … Continue reading

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DIY Studio

This is my DIY Studio which was not to difficult to find a table because I knew that my vanity folded down to make a table. I really wanted a bigger table just in case I had a big subject, … Continue reading

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This is my favorite picture because the side light has a great and even tone on my face. The light highlights the facial features very nice and clean. The facial expression gives the composition a little bit of excitement or … Continue reading

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Egg Personal Best

The lighting in this photo is front continuous light. The light has a great reflection on inside of the egg shell and yolk. I suggested that the egg should be cracked and have the yolk left inside so I can … Continue reading

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