The Gallery Trip

We got to experience many beautiful exhibits, some being collective works and others dealing with strictly one photographer.  Even though a couple of them happened to be closed it was enjoyable. My favorite three would have to be: The Rectangular square exhibit at SepiaEye on 547w 27th st – This exhibit did not have just one photographer but instead a collective of many different works that followed the theme of Rectangular Squares by 16 artists. Along with framed pictures with borders there were also printed books with similar photographs on a table. The subject matter varied from people to buildings to random objects but all followed a rectangular theme. My favorite piece was Beatrice Pediconi, Seven, 2014. This was my favorite because of cool colors and beautiful symmetry. It gives me a sense of mystery. After reading the Gallery press I realized that they intended use of squares / rectangles was to impose a sense of strength, which i did feel when i viewed these images.

2nd) The Stephen Shore at the 303 Gallery located at 507 w 24th st

The photos in Stephen Shore’s exhibit consisted of  portraits and landscapes in the areas of Ukraine , Israel and the USA. My favorite image in his collection would have to be Wolf Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Although the subject matter was quite ordinary the way it’s framed makes it so much more interesting. The image is at eye level and perfectly symmetrical despite displaying numerous buildings. In his portraits Shore broadcasts numerous individuals including Holocaust survivors. His work focuses on portraying different cultures, he does it this by photographing not only the individuals but their surroundings including their homes giving them more depth. When i look at these photos I cant help but feel a bit melancholy but also a sense of compassion. When we know his intent, his work becomes much more meaningful.

3rd) The classic images exhibit by Ansel adams

This exhibit features landscape photography from photographer Ansel Adams. A majority of his photographs were taken in the mid 1900’s . I believe the time frame and the fact that Adams was an environmentalist gives us insight into his work.  He uses  existing lighting  to capture his images. His images are usually very sharp with everything in sight being in focus. A majority of his photographs also follow the rule of thirds despite being stricly landscape. I believe he focuses on portraying nature as beautiful and mysterious. I also noticed a handful of his work included tree photography. His images made me feel a sense of Power because of his use of contrast.

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